2021 Volkswagen Golf debuts with additional natural gas-powered variant


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The eighth-generation of the popular Volkswagen Golf compact car has just been unveiled with options including a CNG-powered variant. Read more!

The latest generation of the world’s best-selling Volkswagen Golf compact car has just been unveiled with interesting options. This new 2021 model of the VW Golf is generously offered with an additional option of a TGI variant that is powered by natural gas (CNG). This is really good news for customers in countries like Nigeria that is making a shift towards adopting CNG-powered cars.


Meet the 2021 Volkswagen Golf compact car that recently debuted with an extra CNG-powered variant

The fact that German automaker, Volkswagen, is offering a natural gas-powered variant of the 2021 VW Golf model seems to be a clear indication that electric cars and CNG-powered vehicles are the new future. This falls in line with new reforms and laws that are now being imposed all over the world against environmental pollution caused by CO2 emissions from cars. It has been discovered that compressed natural gas (CNG) is not only safer for the environment but also cheaper as fuel for vehicles than petrol or diesel fuel.

Talking about the gas-powered TGI variant of the latest 2021 Volkswagen Golf compact car, it is exciting to know that customers will get a decent 400km (250 miles) range on a full tank. Below is a highlight of some technical details of this particular variant:

  • 1.5-litre moderate TSI engine that outputs 128hp (130ps)
  • A CNG-powered engine that decently consumes between 9.5 to 9 pounds (4.3 – 4.1 kg) of natural gas per 62 miles (100km) with just 117 – 111 gram/km of CO2 emission
  • Total natural gas tank capacity is 30.4 gallons (115 litres) and weighs 38 pounds (17.3 kg)
  • Additional gasoline (petrol or diesel) tank of 2.4 gallons (9 litres) capacity

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To get a closer look at the exterior and interior design of the new 2021 VW Golf model, watch this video below.

  2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI – Headlights, taillights and Interior design

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