Now we even got more appealing Camaro with exterior accent going red and black!


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Chevrolet introduces new Red and Black Accent Packages that adds unique styling cues to the exterior of the 2021 Camaro muscle car. See photos here!

American carmaker Chevrolet has introduced new accessory packages for its 2021 Camaro models which will spice up the overall exterior look with unique styling cues.

Chevy is offering these new exterior accessory packages alongside the Camaro. So, it will be dealer-installed rather than 3rd party. The resulting exterior tweak from these packages is subtle but can immediately make your new Camaro stand out in a crowd with such an OEM solution that fits well.


Chevrolet introduces new Black and Red exterior accessory packages for the 2021 Camaro model

The Chevy Camaro has been around since the beginning of drag races and it has remained one of the top 10 coolest American muscle cars of all time with so many aftermarket accessory packages made for the model.

The way some of these 3rd party custom products do fantastic jobs in customizing the car to taste is the same way a vast majority of them could end up pissing you off. This is why OEM solutions like Chevrolet’s very own new Black and Red Accent exterior package is just perfect and right on time.

If you were to buy a new 2021 Camaro, you don’t need to waste time or money looking for the best aftermarket black wheels or front splitter maker. Chevrolet’s got you covered this time!


From the wheels to the front splitter – the new Chevy accessory package spices up the 2021 Camaro muscle car

The Chevy Camaro might not be among the Top 5 most expensive muscle cars ever sold at auctions but it is definitely one of the top rulers in the world of muscle cars and drag races all over the world. This is because of its affordability and plethora of easy customization options and now Chevrolet itself is offering better accessory packages one can easily start with.

According to Chevrolet, the new Black Accent exterior package includes a front splitter with satin black color and a black-painted 20-inches flat wheels. The Red package, on the other hand, makes a very bold appearance with a red and black hood decal as well as a red lower grille.

You can take a closer look at the 2021 Chevrolet Camaro muscle car in the video below to see how the new exterior package will fit well;


Meanwhile, the 2021 Camaro is not the only new car making car lovers restless for now; Nissan Thailand recently launched the brand’s latest electric car that uses both battery and fuel which has got everyone talking.

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