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Mercedes-Maybach new SUV will smell like no other Mercedes model before it, as it has its own special scent or fragrance. Want to hear more?

Talking about automotive transformation or revolution, the new electric 2020 Mercedes-Maybach SUV coming into the market fits the description. Built on the Maybach signature, it will not just look good, but smell heavenly too with its own special scent.  Yes, we did say scent. Although Mercedes Benz models have had a good rep in the fragrance department for decades, this time, the chemists at the German Auto-company outdid themselves. How does it smell?


The luxury SUV market becomes really competitive with the electric Mercedes-Maybach SUV

According to mercedes the frgrance of the new model's fragrance will be:

"The white osmanthus blossom, floral and light, is rounded off by a gentle leather note and spicy tea. This elegant blend is on a bed of natural greenery."

The Mercedes Maybach SUV comes as a market rival to the likes of Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover SVAutobiography and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, all serving the ultra-luxury SUV market.

The Maybach SUV has been designed to offer performance, accommodation and style, with features that are alike to the existing Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Ever wondered what it’s going to look like? Let’s check it out to see for ourselves, its features and performance specs.

Overview of the Mercedes-Maybach SUV 2020

The Mercedes-Maybach SUV belongs to the new generation of Maybach models and was unveiled at the Auto China 2019 in Beijing. It is the first standard produced SUV or crossover that wears the Maybach name. The Mercedes Maybach SUV has its design-base on the fashionable, high-end saloon and SUV viewpoint of Sensual Purity.

This SUV will not only embody the Mercedes-Maybach design language, but will also reflect the traditional brand values while continuing the successful Mercedes-Maybach story. To cap it al, this SUV is an all electric vehicle or EV.


The interior deco theme brings out a sense of Oriental beauty

Staying true to their principles, the Mercedes-Maybach SUV stands for the ultimate in luxury, while uniting the perfection of Mercedes-Benz with the exclusiveness of the Maybach brand. More like a show car, the Maybach SUV fuses influences from the Western and Far Eastern hemispheres to deliver an appealing automotive cultural dialogue; for instance, the Magic Wood and ebony, made use of in the interior, which is traditional in Chinese furniture design; also there is the genius combination of SUV and notchback saloon, which are the most successful body styles used all over the globe.

The Mercedes-Maybach SUV style and exterior

Having been given the Maybach signature scent, the Mercedes-Maybach car is created entirely in a 3D real-time graphic environment with some amazing external features like:

  • Having an exterior outlook of about 19 ft of length and stands on a giant 24-inch turbine design wheels on 285/40 rubber.
  • Having a tall-station wagon shape that defines the SUV segment choosing a sedan-like notchback body style.
  • The front grille is massive with bulging wheel arches.
  • The Mercedes-Maybach SUV also comes with a split glass-roof and rear window with a body-color vertical line.
  • Looking at the hood, the Mercedes 3-pointed star is graced boldly with the Maybach name spelled underneath the top of the grille.
  • It has a six-window side glass treatment with a surround of massive chrome strips.
  • The headlight and taillights are designed on triple lighting units on each side.
  • The Mercedes-Maybach has a large air inlet with blades that underlines the sportiness of the SUV and also comes with a metallic paintwork and natural hue as a symbol of luck and attraction.
  • It comes with Magic Body Control suspension which uses cameras proactively in the adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension ahead of bumps and potholes.

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The body type is part sedan part SUV, but all luxury

The Mercedes-Maybach SUV interior design

The interior of the Mercedes-Maybach SUV shares features or components with the Maybach S-Class with an exciting contrast between high-level sportiness and luxurious spaciousness as the goals of the interior designers was to provide echoes of the series-produced vehicles while, however, transporting them into an unprecedented world of luxury.


With simple but efficient design, this Maybach dashboard is the dream of all drivers

Let's see how they’re being structured;

  • The Mercedes-Maybach SUV comes with its own fragrance suited for SUV specific interior and travelling experience.
  • The interior is branded with white Osmanthus blossom, floral and light rounded off by a gentle leather note and spicy tea.
  • The infotainment comes with a high-end Burmester 3D surround system.
  • The cushion can be adjusted separately with a combined seat angle and height adjustments.
  • It has a wide centre-console that extends through the rear with integral heated tray for teapot and cups that allows exquisite tea drinking playing a key role in bringing body and mind into balance while on the road.
  • It has four individual seats feature with exquisite stitching and an avalanche of accents in ebony wood, rose gold and aluminum with embedded LEDs on every surface.  
  • It comes with a comprehensive touch control concept – a combination of touch screen, touchpad on the centre console and Touch Control buttons in the steering wheel. The control concept of the Widescreen Cockpit comprises three levels with rising information density: home screen, base screen and a submenu.
  • Also, the SUV has a voice control that adjusts to the user’s voice and adapts to new vogue words or changed use of language


The interior design is sleek, trendy, and practical, and don't forget the lovely aroma inside

Engine & performance of 2020 Mercedes-Maybach SUV

Regarding the engine and performance specs of the Mercedes-Maybach SUV, the car comes more as an electric car, with:

  • Four compact permanent-magnet synchronous motors offering an all-wheel drive experience.
  • The powertrain output is about 550 Kw combining the 4 motors to produce 750 horsepower
  • It allows for a convenient fast charging function based on the CCS standard of a charging capacity up to 350 kW with enough 5 minutes charging power to achieve an additional range of 100 kilometers.
  • The battery can be charged by cable at public charging stations with the charging current transmitted by an electromagnetic field below the car.

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This cockpit is Touch-Control centered, a mix of touch function and traditional central control in the steering wheel

How much is a 2020 Mercedes Maybach SUV?

What price do you think is reasonable for that level of luxury?

Of course you can't expect it goes less than ₦50 million. In fact, to get a 2020 Maybach SUV delivered to Nigeria, you must pay at least 90 million naira considering the clearing cost, import tax or delivery fee. The actual prices may vary in different countries.

Prices of 2020 Mercedes Maybach SUV
Model MSRP*
 Mercedes-Maybach Vision SUV 2020

$190,000 - $200,000

₦68,400,000 – ₦72,000,000

*MSRP: Manufacturer's suggested retail price, excluding delivery cost or any fees to get the car shipped to your house in Nigeria.

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