Land Rover releases 2020 Discovery Sport with Evoque power and added electrified variant


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Its official now, the cheapest Land Rover SUV has just gotten a big update and it’s presented as the 2020 Land Rover Discovery. Check it out here now!

You might have seen lots of updates here on featuring various other models of the Land Rover SUV but will hardly ever see the Discovery model. But this time, it’s made headlines!

It might not really be apparent when you first glance at the Land Rover Discovery SUV that it is the cheapest Land Rover SUV in its class. And it gets better with this new 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport that has just been revealed as riding on the brand’s new Premium Transverse Architecture platform.


The new 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport – looking refreshed, isn’t it?

Since this is also the same platform used in the Range Rover Evoque, you can already expect the new Discovery SUV to take some of the Evoque’s powertrain advantages. Yes, this means that it can feature the 48V mild-hybrid powertrain.

In this new Discovery Sport SUV, the electric motors are paired together with a 2.0L Ingenium turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. If you go for the hybrid model, you will be left with a 296hp total system power output versus going for the non-electrified model whose engine only gives a 246hp max. The 48V system literally works like it normally does in all the Range Rover Evoque SUVs.

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The new PTA platform gives this Land Rover more rigidity and lower noise or vibrations

The interior of this new Discovery Sport might not be the ultimate ice breaker but it has sure been upgraded to match a 2019 type of standard for most SUVs on the market currently.


The interior of the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport might not really “WOW” most people but it's sure now standard enough

Some of the notable interior and under the hood features in this new 2020 Land Rover Discovery SUV includes;

  • A featured joysticklike device in place of the old rotary shift knob
  • Bigger touchscreen display unit and the dash design
  • New Rearview mirror type of display screen
  • New “Ground View” for offroading
  • Six new USB ports and wireless charging
  • Massaging seats (optional) addon
  • Added Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to the infotainment system
  • New all-wheel-drive with a terrain response system built to actually adapt to whatever surface you are driving on automatically.
  • Advanced Tow Assist option
  • New 21inch wheels option
  • Optional Driver assist systems like; driver monitor system, lane-keep assist, and adaptive cruise control

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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