2020 Lamborghini Sian released with the power of super capacitors


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The 2020 Lamborghini Sian has just been unveiled with the power of super capacitors. Not stopping there, one will be immediately impressed by its exterior design as well. See it below!

Ever since the introduction of Terzo Millennio in 2017, there has been anticipation for a series of hybrid vehicles; and then comes the Sian – a topnotch, one of a kind production of Lamborghini. Just as the name implies, “Sian,” a word which means “flash or lighting” in the Bolognese language, is a car that comes with a whole lot of uniqueness and radiance. Lamborghini Sian is a production aimed at introducing the world to the future of hybrid cars from Lamborghini.

1. Interesting facts about 2020 Lamborghini Sian

  • Only 63 units of Sian are made

This wild, special speed 807bhp vehicle is the first hybrid model of the Italian brand; the most exotic model and the only unicorn of Lamborghini V12 ranch. It is the fastest, strongest and most exclusive of all Sant’Agata Bolognese generation with a limited edition of only about 63 pieces to storm the world; the first car to ever use a Supercapacitor.


Wanna be one of those 63 lucky Sian owners?

  • Just like an Aventador

Based on Aventador, the Sian possesses an exclusive body job with breathtaking exceptional design to the front, the rear and the sides of the vehicle. Sian uses automatic single-clutch gearbox, with high-tech features that reduce emissions and promote performance.

  • 12 Cylinders

In this world of hybrid cars, Lamborghini unlike other manufacturers, which are producing hybrid vehicles with smaller engine capacity, is still glued to the 12 cylinders, like a die-hard team fan. In the meantime, the world of automobiles today has turned to electrified drivetrains and turbocharging, but this does not in any way affect Lamborghini’s 12 cylinders’ mentality.

2. Performance features of 2020 Lamborghini Sian

  • Technology

Lamborghini, on the other hand, has advanced to high technology; the super capacitor making it the most powerful ever, thereby outsmarting other hybrid vehicles in its generation. It is a powerful vehicle that possesses a touch of technology from the Terzo Millennio Lambo – an electric hypercar designed by Lambo some years back. A third-millennium supercar in conjunction with the best of brainboxes ever, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  a touch of this super whooper technology on Sian has made it a one of a kind.


The release of Sian will threaten other hybrid vehicles on the market

  • Super capacitors

Such Super capacitors, unlike standard batteries, have the capacity to store up to over 100 percent more energy. They can accept and deliver charges much faster, and they tolerate much more charge and discharge cycles that are lighter and more energy-dense than the lithium batteries. The super capacitor of the Sian is over three times powerful than an average battery of the same weight, three times lighter than batteries that produces the same power, and feeds the 48-volt electric vehicle with 33bhp output.

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  • Engine and Horsepower

It is a moderate hybrid vehicle with a low voltage, but possesses direct connections between electric motor and its wheels. Thereby making the vehicle ever stable, either on a low or high speed as the driver maneuvers the vehicle to suit his pace.

The big 6.5 engine is directly linked to an Aventador which is a type of V12 that integrates a titanium ingestion valves which is accelerated to a tune of 774 bhp when at 8,500 revolutions per minute (RPM); this turns out to be the highest output recorded ever in the history of automobiles.

  • Powertrain

The Sian is an electric motor with a mid-mounted 785-horsepower and V-12 that produces 807 horsepower; the highest ever from Lamborghini, the topmost power-to-weight ratio of all Lamborghini V-12 vehicles. Coupled with an extra 33 bhp from its hybrid system, the whole lot of 807 bhp feeds through the four wheels to produce about 0-62 mph time within 2.8 seconds on a top speed of about 217mph.


With 8,500 rpm, the Sian produces the highest output in the auto industry till date

  • Regenerative brake system

The Sian possesses a brake system that is regenerative in nature, with an ever fully charged storage system that feeds from the engines as the car brakes. While the torque boost can be up to a tune of 130 km per hour; it fills the torque vacuum as the gear changes, creating a cleaner shift and producing a cooling sound.

3. Unique design of 2020 Lamborghini Sian

The vehicle features several 'Y’ shapes from the logo to the headlights, the interior decors, door air inlets NACA origin, the glassy engine cover and the front hood line, conned from the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

It also has a rear that sweeps up and flows into the hexagon like design and six hexagon-like taillights conned from a themes of supercar from the 80s. With enough space to pass through the front splitters, the bonnet, above the rear spoiler and with a recoverable air to offer a flush line when dormant and circulates for an effective cooling system which is made of carbon plates.


The six hexagon-like taillights are the emphasis of its rear design

The inner part of the Sian is made up of exclusive leather made by high-end Italian furniture designer, Poltrana Frau, and also made of a 3D-printed material.

Lamborghini Sian comes in a green-like Mutant Turtle color blended with a touch of gold; the renderings seen so far are Verde Gea with gold wheels. The entire vehicle paint features gold flakes, and crystals all through.


The 3D printed material is utilized to design the Sian cabin

4. Base price of 2020 Lamborghini Sian

Each of the vehicles costs $3.6 million (excluding delivery fees or clearing cost). As a matter of fact, Auto-Technology is taking a new turn today as vehicles are coming with a touch of elegance and unusual luxury. Lamborghini is still making a mark in the jam-packed world of automobiles and Sian is the evidence that to every kingdom, there must be a king.

Introducing Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

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