2020 Jaguar XE released to compete with BMW 3 Series & Audi A4


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You might have been pretty disappointed with the previous Jaguar XE versions but this new one is quite an excellent improvement. See the 2020 Jaguar XE first drive review!

Jaguar has once again performed its magic on this new model. With the arrival of BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, Alfa Romero Giulia and Volvo S60, the XE has hell lot of work to do in competing against these top cars in similar segment. That is exactly what the Jaguar model has just done.

The first appearance of XE came in 2015 with lots of great promises and expectations from jaguar lovers all over the world. The heartbreak finally came with the lot of plastic packed in an otherwise elegant shape. Its sales dropped and were able to sell just 4,700 units in the United States. The company has decided to make whole lots of revamping in this new model. For the 2020 Jaguar XE, the look has been improved upon by the designers with a slimmer LED headlights, slimmer and wider grille at the tail end of the long hood with new set of bumpers. Importantly, the interior design has been tuned up with better and nicer touch materials coupled with an infotainment system of dual-screen adapted from the I-Pace.

Engine and performance of 2020 Jaguar XE

The XE model generally features a catlike agility that emanates from its lightweight aluminum body and the equal 50/50 weight distribution. Its handling is superb and it gets better as you drive more. The older P250 version with turbocharged (2.0-liter) I-4 engine with the generative capability of 247hps and 269 Ib-ft of torque mated to a ZF-8-eight speed automatic transmission.


The 2020 Jaguar 2020 sure promises hell lot of power under this hood for exciting driving

For the 2020 model year, the automaker has decided to drop manuals across its ranges. It features a standard rear-wheel drive. You can get the all-wheel drive as an option but comes with a price of $2,000 (N726,000) if you are willing. In the new model P250, Jaguar had stopped equipping it with supercharged V6 engine.

The new I-4 gets the job done. It now looks like a drone when you compare it with the V-6, which is throatier. Jaguar must be really commended for not using artificial engine noise to fill the void. You would experience occasional minimal hesitation and a mini lurch forward by using the tap of your foot. After which, you would experience smooth driving. When you deploy the dynamic mode, you would notice a remarkable improvement in the exhaust note and responses similarly.


You have options when going for the new P250 or the P300, which is the higher version but costlier

When you a closer look at the P300, which is the higher version, you would notice that it comes equipped with 296 horsepower and a 295-Ib-ft of torque in a 2.0-liter. It comes with a standard AWD. It has a more satisfying exhaust note. There is not much any difference steering except the fact that in its all-wheel drive, each of the wheels is more responsive. This implies it is more fun to drive. To get the P300, you would need to cough out $47,290 (~N17.2 million) with the ability to buy an upgraded version from the automakers which comes equipped with more optional features. The only issue here is, you would need to pay extra to get that.

2020 Jaguar XE driving experience

The area of driving experience in this 2020 XE has adopted the steering wheel from I-Pace. The fact that the rotary dial gear shifter is being replaced with a better piston-design is indeed worthy of adulation. You can use this new gear shifter manually or you might decide to use the satin chrome paddle shifter on the steering column. This is quite a unique feature in the 2020 version.

The automaker is committed to making its customers happy. That is what really brought the pistol shifter, which ensures that the sporty character of 2020 XE is kept.

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2020 Jaguar XE - First Drive Test Video Review

If you have always had issues with other brands or previous XE braking system, you will not be disappointed in the brakes that come with this new model. The brakes work so smooth and effortless that you hardly notice they are even there in the first place. The XE features a dual A-arm suspension at the front and integral link suspension at the rear. With this, driving it is so exciting and flawless.

In its wheels, it comes with a standard 18-inch but you would love it more if you can get the 20-inch wheels, which are slightly bigger. You should be eager to spend $1700(~N617,000) to enjoy this.


Expect to see 18-inch wheel as standard but you can more to get the bigger wheel of 20-inch

Exterior and interior design of 2020 Jaguar XE

The major improvement in the 2020 XE’s tech includes the adopted JLR rearview mirror used in range Rover Evoque, which depends heavily on camera for unobstructed and wider view. The visibility is so much improved but the challenge here is you need more time to finally get used to the view. On the contrary, the good news here is that you can easily turn it to regular mirror if you are experiencing trouble adjusting to the advanced one.


Jaguar might have issue with interior design of older versions, but has never flawed in its exterior elegance

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The newly equipped acoustic windshield adds greatly to a very quiet cabin. In this new model, Jaguar has really created a quiet sanctuary in the cockpit.


The new rear mirror equipped in this 2020 XE might take long to adjust to but it sure worth it

The Touch Pro Duo infotainment system offers two screens in the inside, which permits you to deploy the navigation in the top screen and also access other controls via the bottom screen. This is really intimidating feature especially for other brands in similar segment. The only issue with it is from the point that the screen still takes time to load. But once it’s up, it never freezes. This is such an improvement on the older versions.


Jaguar has really done good job in lighting up the inside with elegance and hi-tech driving features

There is much comfort with the heated seat but not really when it is cooled. You can sit low if you want to. The driver has an easy access to 12.3-inch driver display, which is conveniently placed in front of him.

The XE is expected to go on sale this summer and it would definitely bring new offer especially for those who are not interested in seeing their luxury sport sedan get lost in the pool of 3 Series and C-Class, likewise the intimidating interior of new Volvo and agile nature of Alfa Romero model.

New 2020 Jaguar XE | Unwrapped


Surely, you won’t see much of Jaguar on Nigerian roads but one thing that very certain is that you will catch the special fever when one passes by. The 2020 Jaguar XE is an improved car in all areas. We cannot yet rate it as the best in its class, but we are sure of one thing, it sure have some compelling features to turn the heads of any car lovers around out of anticipation and excitement to get behind its wheel.

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