2020 Honda Civic Si just debuted with quicker acceleration and fresh face


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Have you seen the 2020 Honda Civic Si that just debuted with quicker acceleration and a fresh face? It comes in sedan and coupe body styles. Check its specifications below!

In case you are yet to see the new 2020 Honda Civic Si then, Naijauto has got you covered!

From the latest reports reaching us, we can instantly see a little but very meaningful change that Honda has done to the rear and the front of this new Civic Si model.


Meet the Red trim (version) of the new 2020 Honda Civic Si

This new 2020 Honda Civic Si is expected to go on sale by 6th of September this year at a starting price of ₦9.4 million ($25,930) for both the sedan and coupe body styles.

The new Civic Si features a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 205hp (153kW) paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.

When being asked about the speed of this new Civic Si, Jessica Pawl – Honda spokesperson said;

"As a rule, Honda doesn’t provide 0-60 figures because parameters can vary so greatly,"

"Unfortunately, at this point, we’re only able to provide that acceleration is more responsive on the new model."

Does this mean that the 2020 Honda Civic Si is faster than its predecessor? No one knows yet!


This is how the new 2020 Honda Civic Si looks from behind

The only few things we know is that the new Civic Si is wearing a front fascia that is clearly revised such that it has now brought a “feel” of the exterior colour directly into the corner inlets’ top. Also, we can see a new set of LED headlights that possess a sharper shape compared to the old lamps seeing in the previous models.

Looking at the rear part of the new car, we noticed that the gigantic faux outlets are now absent, and we now see a fake mesh in a narrower strip that stretches all the way through the vehicle’s bumper.


You might hardly notice the tweaks made to the interior of the new 2020 Honda Civic Si because they are very little

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On the inside, only a few tweaks were noticeable. The red trim of the 2020 Civic Si adorns the instrument panel and seats. It also comes standard with modern driver-assist technology particularly the Honda Sensing suite which includes;

  • Automatic high beams
  • Road departure warning
  • Lane-keep assist
  • Collision mitigation braking
  • Adaptive cruise control

Also, Honda has added an “Active Sound Control” system that now produces different “fake” engine sound directly from the stereo sound when driving the new Civic Si aggressively.

2020 HONDA CIVIC SI COUPE Review Release Date Specs Prices

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