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Details of the sport injected version of the 2020 Civic, the Civic Si was recently released by Honda and a number of updates and improvements are evidently obvious as we will highlight here!

Honda Civic is popular across the globe and in Nigeria, it remains very relevant where it's known to be very frugal when it comes to fuel consumption. Details of the sport injected version of the 2020 Civic, the Civic Si was recently released by Honda and a number of updates and improvements are evidently obvious. The exterior retouch on the Civic Si gives it an aggressive feel which is further enhanced by its more powerful turbocharged engine. The grille crossbar has been subjected to a reshape and the body colour pieces are now features of the lower bumper foglights housings.

Interestingly, the 2020 Honda Civic Si has been given a multi-element LED headlamps which we sure will pierce the dark space from a good distance away. The performance all-season tires are prosaic while the summer tires are only obtainable as a factory option. In order to match this stunning look, the LED fog light has been added. The redesign includes some slight slick changes to the front and rear bumpers which perfectly fits the vehicle's 18-inch wheel.

2020 Honda Civic SI - Refreshed and Even Better

The interior of this stunning vehicle has a welcoming mix of sportiness and sophistication. The color along the seats and instrument panel has been made to be extremely attractive. Generally, the interior of the Si is now a bit spacious which increases comfort. Option packages are absent, which means that drivers are a little bit stuck with their sporty seats, this is good news to some but not to others. The sedan has more rear legroom space compared to the coupe. The SI generally has an increased amount of cargo space, though it still can't be compared to some of it rivals, such as the Volkswagen Golf GTi.


The interior of this stunning vehicle has a welcoming mix of sportiness and sophistication

The 2020 SI offers many eye-catching improvements when it comes to its performance. Coming with a six-speed manual transmission as it only gearbox. 205 horsepower is being produced from the turbocharged four-cylinder engine and 192 torque. The limited-slip differential should be more than enough to keep the torque to the wheels. The adaptive dampers available in the suspension can be tuned in two modes.

Honda offers a 6 percent decrease in the final-drive ratio, which it claims would offer improved acceleration, but won't really affect its speed. The vehicle records 60mph in 6.3 seconds, though not enough to beat its rivals, but it still is a commendable feat. The 2020 Si is one of those very rare vehicles that drive aggressively when requested and cool-headed when not.


2020 Civic Si Comes with a six-speed manual transmission

The design of the 2020 Civic Si gives with these impressive fuel consumption rating considering this is a sport rated car. Its estimated fuel economy rating for both city and highway stands at  26 mpg and 36 mpg. The real-world highway test drive gave the Si coupe a 36 mpg fuel efficiency rating when it was driven using the elective summer tires. Astonishingly the Si sedan had a 42 mpg, while wearing the standard all-season tires.

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Although deservedly getting the five-star crash test rating, the si is still not able to beat all of it rivals when it comes to safety. The civic si adds a host of impressive safety technologies, that includes the honda sensing which has been improved and made standard and now helps in increasing driver assist.

Some of the technologies from the improved honda sensing includes a lane keep assist system, road departure mitigation, a collision mitigation braking system and a standard adaptive cruise control.


Honda Collision mitigation warning system

Honda also added an ardent audio system to the 2020 Civic SI. It uses the 10-speaker, 450watt sound system. Other special features include 7-inch touchscreen, pushbutton start, walk away auto-lock and a power moonroof.

Specifications of 2020 Honda Civic Si

Below are some highlights in 2020 Honda Civic SI specifications. Take a look!

 Specifications of the 2020 Honda Civic SI
 Base Price  N9.4 million
 Engine Turbo 1.5L I4
 Power  205 hp
 Torque 192 lb-ft
 Transmission  6-Speed Manual
 Drivetrain FWD
 Fuel Economy EPA rating  26/36 mpg (city/highway)
 Seating Capacity 5
 Cargo Capacity  Coupe - 11.9 cubic feet
 Sedan - 14.7 cubic feet
 Curb Weight  Coupe - 2889 lb
 Sedan - 2906 lb

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