2020 electric Drako GTE becomes the most powerful GT with 1,200 hp


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What makes a car worthy to be classified a GT? See the world of GT cars through the eyes of the impeccable Drako GTE with 1,200-HP! Check its pic and video below!

Remember when Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand – the owners of Drako Motors – and renowned manufacturers of Silicon Valley, announced the grand arrival of a new, brilliant vehicle – the 2020 electric Drako GTE – at the well attended launching at the Quail Motorsports. Drako announced that the vehicle will be a limited edition of just 25 productions that will cost about $1.25 million / 450 million each. Now, let's see what al the fuss was really about.

1. 2020 electric Drako GTE specs & performance

The Drako electric GTE is powered by a pair of 90 kWh batteries, and possesses four electric motors that produces about 1,200 hp and 6,490 lb-ft of twisting force, which enables the vehicle to accelerate up to 206 mph over 32 km per hour; making it the most powerful GT vehicle ever. This is an all wheel drive GT linked to a motor by different plain gearboxes, enabling each wheel to remain stabilized for specific torque service. Excited, are we? Check out more stats below:

Drako’s torque formula was developed at Nurburgring, which can realign torque on each of these wheels over a thousand times each second, making the GTE matchless, in terms of capacity.


Meet the power of GT in the new electric Drako GTE

The Drako GTE’s new electric vehicle is designed specifically, bearing Fisher Karma in mind, as it’s a mixture of a hefty body with an exotic design. It is a four-seater petite, but elegant vehicle with a back sound dispenser, and a 15 kW charger that can power a DC charger of about 150 kW capacities.

The suspension is made by Ohlins; it is adjustable with a four-way track capacity. It has two brakes at the front and back, that are made of pure ceramics. The pair of tires is 20 inches each, and is specially made by Michelin. 


20-inch wheels and tires make the Drako GTE rugged and dependable for the long haul

The DriveOS, which is a software platform for electric sports cars that was officially launched in 2015, and was introduced in Drako automobiles, has since launched a good number of softwares which was perfected in the GTE, making it the most powerful adventure giver of our time.

Drako enables the driver to maneuver the torque transmission along with the power distribution at the front and back, and the slip control system with vegetative brakes. Also, the secondary dial sets enables the driver to calibrate a room for the driving conditions with speed, lane, ice, rain, snow and dry specifications.

The GTE is uniquely different in design and exceptional in both features and performance. The back view is more attractive than the front, because the front is shaped by the coolant for the battery.

Take a look at some essential specifications of this 2020 electric Drako GTE!





Four lasting magnetic hybrid synchronous motors (225 kW each)


Four infield gearboxes

Reduction ratio



1,200 horse power

Wheel torque

6,500 ft-lbs by 8,880 Nm


206 mph


Standard high-powered battery, with massively parallel cooling architecture

90 kWh


2200A Appex /1800A uninterrupted


Alternating current charging

15 kW with charger


Direct current fast charging

150 kW

It is compatible with electric vehicle charging infrastructure of CHAdeMo, (62.5 kW by 500 V, 125. A direct current charging, made through a unique electrical connector), cabin capture and storage (CCS) and the J-plug (J1772).


Batteries of the powerful 2020 Drako GTE electric

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2. 2020 electric Drako GTE Design

It’s a four-seater capacity vehicle, possessing a muscular body, and a well-fortified and sophisticated interior.  It has full-bim slim lights with air intake, and a dominant front fascia. It also has a full-fledged four-seater passenger capacity with luggage areas.

In November, Drako motors promises to launch a test drive event for customers. Orders and deposits for the 'GTE' have already commenced, while deliveries will begin in 2020.


Cool luxury, powerful functionality, that's the 2020 Drako GTE

The suspension is made by Öhlins; with TTX 36. The brakes are made of carbon ceramic by Brembo; the front is a 6 piston caliper that measures 395 mm by 36 mm carbon ceramic rotor, while the back is a 4 piston caliper, measuring 395 mm by 32 mm carbon ceramic rotor.

Also, GTE possesses a 21-inch single block wheels while the tires are made by Michelin. It’s a 4S tire pilot edition, with 295/30/21 for the front and 315/30/21 for the rear.

There’s more than enough room in the cabin for nothing less than four passengers to seat comfortably, even while on long trips.

The seats are constructed and adorned with quilted leather and suede-like materials. You can also create further room with controls that enable adjustment to taste. This vehicle promises to be a breathtaking electric road marshal and the most powerful saloon car ever.


This is a four passenger sedan with the power of GT

2. More about GT cars

Now we have looked at the Drako GTE, what actually qualifies a car to be rated a GT? Well, firs of all with the name GT, meaning "Grand Touring” or “Gran Turismo" in the Italian original, the classification just points at a vehicle that can hit the roads for a long time in style and comfort. So, basically a GT car is a great mix of luxury and performance. Check out these truly powerful average specs for a GT (there may be variations of course):

2.1. Performance of GT cars

1,200 hp and 8,800 Nm of intertwined wheels torque, connected to independent motors for acceleration tune of up to 206 mph.

2.2. Technology of GT cars

All GTE’s quad motors are linked to 4 independent inverters with high capacities, for grand rides. This distributes about +225 kW to -225 kW power through the motors.

Introducing Drako GTE - The Most Powerful GT Car Ever Made

2.3. Quad motor make-up

GTE’s electric quad motor make-up provides an entirely new level of performance and control. Four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors that generate 1,200 hp and 8,800 Nm of combined wheel torque, with each wheels connected to independent motors.

There you have it. You know what you are going in for when you request a Drako GT or a GT car in general.

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