The November-released 2020 BMW X6 is featured on teaser videos!


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You have to see these cool videos of the 2020 BMW X6 that really put a spotlight on the M50i and its beautifully illuminated grille. Check its sleek lines below!

Many people have seen one or more coupe-SUVs like the cute Suzuki X-90 being featured in past auto news updates either here on Naijauto or other media sources but only a few people know that BMW was the first to plant this coupe-SUV oddity into the automotive industry. Yes, the German automaker had started the coupe-SUV race with its original BMW X6 (E71) back in the year 2008. So, this means that the new 2020 BMW X6 is the 3rd generation but, it looks way more polarizing when compared to the earlier generations.


This new 3rd-generation 2020 BMW X6 coupe-SUV is definitely hotter than the previous ones!

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All the videos featured in this post really highlights the M50i variant of the 2020 BMW X6 as they showcase its extremely modernized interior as well as its controversial shape. The M50d (Europe-only) variant should also look very similar for all the diesel engine fans that are looking out for a 4-turbo SUV. These revealed BMW “M” Performance coupe-SUV models all ride on huge 21-inch wheels (alloy) as the standard and also feature some other optional sporty upgrades available outside.

The video below shows the interior features of the latest BMW X6;

  2020 BMW X6 Interior design

Below are some quick feature highlights and notes from the recent updates on this 2020 BMW X6;

  • M Sport and xLine versions will be offered as an alternative to the base/standard model
  • Optional offroad packages (all versions except the M50)
  • Bigger Panoramic glass roof (plus available BMW Sky Lounge glass option)
  • Cooled and Heated cupholders
  • Ambient air package (8 fragrances option)
  • OTA updates support for iDrive info system
  • Adaptive LED headlights and also Laserlight
  • Twenty (20) Speaker Surround system (1,500W Bowers and Wilkins sound)
  • Dual 12.3inch digital touchscreens

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Watch the video below that shows most of these highlighted features;

  2020 BMW X6 highlights

BMW promises that the X6 M models will most likely arrive sometimes next year but the assorted X models should hit the auto market latest November this year.

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