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Are you BMW ardent lover? This 2020 BMW 7 series will make you go crazy. Read here to see why we think you should start saving up for this car!

It might be a celebration gallour for all global lovers of BMW cars, but we are not left out here on Naijauto. We are filled with so much excitement and looking forward to seeing this new BMW 7 series with a large kidney grille and exotic tech filled interior. It was premiered in Shanghai, China but we are seriously hoping it gets to Nigeria soon enough. The main reason why China was chosen as the perfect spot for BMW Group to make their 2020 BMW 7 series debut is based on the rate at which Chinese automotive market has grown in recent years.

A mouthwatering 44% of the international sales of these exotic BMW 7 series have been released and made readily available to car lovers in China. These people sabi good things sha.

What should we expect in this 2020 BMW 7 Series new release?

You should definitely expect to see much larger grille which should be up to 40% higher surface area than the outgoing luxury car sport. That has to be the largest grille ever fitted to a car. Its functions rely heavily on the exterior conditions and basic requirements. BMW has made this known to all its customers that the high-tech features in this latest release will definitely worth more than the amount you will for it. Expect to see a slimmer LED headlight which is obviosly standard with the eye catching option of a laser light.


With option of laser light, 2020 BMW 7 series headlight is so sleek!

Talking of the interior, you shouldn’t expect less but elegance and absolute driving experience. The new BMW features 12.3 inches of digital instrument cluster, an infotainment screen (10.25-inch), latest BMW 7.0 iDrive system, innovative gesture control interface and two high resolution screens for rear passengers.


If this 2020 BMW 7 series isn't elegant enough, nothing really is!

We definitely are not done yet! Other features you will enjoy in this 2020 BMW 7 series include wireless charging, dampers (adjustable), panoramic sunroof, air suspension, Apple CarPlay smart mobile phone integrative system and a Wi-Fi connection.


With the latest technology and stylish interior design, the driving experience will be so incredible

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Taking a peep at the engine department, you might have experienced a flawless driving through its 389 horsepower and plug-in-hybrid engine variant of six cylinders in earlier launched version, but in this new release, 2020 BMW 7 Series is giving you the opportunity to experience a supercharged 6, 8 and 12 cylinders when it enters market in March. It will come in 4 all-wheel-drive version and just one right-wheel-drive model. Your choices can range from the peak which is M760Li xDrive with V12 engine (6.6L) or possibly the 750i xDrive (4.4L, V8) that promise 580 and 524 horsepowers respectively. The M760Li xDrive peaks at 0-62mph in 3.4 secs while its counterpart, 750i xDrive peaks at 0.62 in 3.9 secs. However your choice might be, with its general 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, be sure to experience the latest driving technology and luxury like never before.

2018 BMW 7 series drive test, production, look

If you are feeling pompous driving Mercedes Benz S-class, Cardilac CT6, Audi A8, Bentley Flying Spur or even Lexus LS, this car is coming to give you run for your money and a very fierce competition on the road.

And not just 2020 BMW 7 Series, BMW Vision iNext EV is also going to be launched in the near future. Check details as follow! BMW Vision iNext EV with leading tech trends to be launched in 2021

Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

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