The 2020 BMW 3-Series Touring unveiled with stunning looks


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BMW does it again wit a new car! BMW has revealed the new 2020 BMW 3-Series Touring which is made available in various trim levels. Check more details of the car here!

The 2020 BMW 3-Series Touring has been unveiled by the car manufacturer. And this is coming just a few hours after leaked photos of it was seen online.

Naijauto learned the new model is stretched to be a bit larger than the previous model. Its length measures 4709 mm (185 inches), with the width being 1827 mm (72 inches) while the height is 1470 mm (57.8 inches). Also extended are the wheelbase, by 41 mm, and which now becomes 2851 mm(112 inches). The all-new 3-Series Touring's front view took on large kidney grilles, aggressive headlights and horizontal T-shaped outer air intakes which is evident in the Luxury Line and Sport Line models. It also came with roof rails.


The all-new 3-Series Touring's front view took on large kidney grilles

The cabin shows off a leather sports steering wheel that's newly designed. With the extension it got, passengers now have extra headroom, coupled with much better legroom for rear occupants. Other significant features fitted into the car are a load compartment (112 mm wider than its predecessor) and an automatic tailgate. The load capacity is 500 liters(17 cubic-foot), making it 5 liters more than the previous model. However, when the second-row seats are folded, there'll be more load capacity, now increasing to 1510 liters(that's 53 cubic-foot). The 2020 BMW 3-Series Touring will be made available in three diesel and three petrol units.


The cabin shows off a leather sports steering wheel

For the petrol range that's available in the 320i Touring, it will have 2 four-cylinder units that will bump out 184 hp. The BMW 330i Touring will then put out 258 hp and the M340i xDrive Touring, 374 hp. For the diesel range, 2 four-cylinder units are installed into the 318d Touring which has a maximum power of 150 hp while the 320d Touring puts out 190 hp. The 330d xDrive Touring runs on a range-topping 6-cylinder diesel and has 265 hp.

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The listed four-cylinder diesel models have a standard 6-speed manual transmission. However, 8-speed Steptronic transmission is offered as an option.

With its 50-50 weight distribution, BMW states the new model will be sportier than the previous model. The vehicle's body is rigid by 25% and BMW's new lift-related dampers which came as standard. There's an option for M Sport suspension, Adaptive M suspension with electronic damper control and M Sport brakes that are fitted with four-piston calipers.


BMW states the new model will be sportier than the previous model

The new model will be available in the following trim levels: Sport Line, Advantage Sport, and Luxury Line.

The 2020 BMW 3-Series Touring will be launched on September 28 and sold in Europe, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

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Check out the 2020 BMW 3-Series Touring

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