2020 Audi A1 Citycarver debuts as pint-sized crossover


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Audi has introduced an all-road version for the second generation of Audi A1, called the Citycarver. Here, check out the details of this hot release!

Audi has rolled out a higher-riding version for the second generation of Audi A1, called the Citycarver. It is all jacked up and ready to explore the jungle. The all-road model was depicted as "the most progressive model in the new A1 product line up" and it has a combination of customized and crossover features.

When Naijauto compared the new Citycarver to the main A1 Sportback model, the new all-road was found to be 40 mm higher, which makes for better visibility and easier entry. And Audi says the increased inches will help it to confront slightly rough terrain.


The 2020 Audi A1 is all jacked up with a suspension that's 1.4 inches higher, and ready to explore the jungle

The ride height was accomplished with a suspension that's 1.4 inches higher, while the larger wheels added 0.2 inches.

Other highlights evident on the crossover are the imposing Singleframe grille in octagonal design which Audi SUV models are known for, black/grey plastic covering the wheel arches, stainless steel to provide body protection, distinct bumpers that give it a sturdy look. Not forgetting the S-Line roof spoiler.

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The all-road is fitted with the imposing Singleframe grille in octagonal design which Audi SUV models are known for

Customers have nine exterior colours to choose from, together with a contrasting roof that can be painted in either Manhattan grey metallic or Mythos black metallic. For the interior colours, they can get an orange, copper, mint or silver-grey accent surface.

The Citycarver model offers three equipment lines which comprise of advanced, interior design selection and S line. The interior design selection offers the ambient/contour lighting package while the S line gives customers the option to either go for Alcantara/synthetic or cloth/synthetic leather seat covers.


Customers have several seat cover options: Alcantara/synthetic or cloth/synthetic leather

Audi didn't disclose any details with regards to the engine, but said, customers, can adjust their driving experience through the dynamic package which features a sound actuator, brake disks, suspension with a damper that's adjustable and Audi drive select dynamic handling system.

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The Edition one model of the Audi A1 Citycarver, as displayed on this post is wrapped up in Pulse Orange and came with a black exterior package, contrasting roof, an 18-inch wheels, mirror caps, smoked taillights and headlights and an Edition One logo slapped on the rear doors.


The Citycarver came with a black exterior package for mysterious owners

Come next month, Audi will begin to take orders and the first deliveries of the Audi A1 Citycarver are expected in fall.

Watch the 2020 Audi A1 Citycarver hit the road with the increased height

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