Should you buy a 2019 Toyota Sequoia TRD Sport? Maybe Yes if you want more power!


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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The 12-year old Toyota Sequoia TRD Sport might belong to the old-school category, but its 2019 version is effective. Check out its evergreen amazing features and some drawbacks that need to work on!

Wasn’t life simpler in the mid-2000s? We still had subsidy on fuel – buying at a lower rate, smart phones were a luxury (talk about the days when Blackberry was a hot cake), technology was great, but its many benefits were still alien in some quarters of the country. Yes, we had cars, but expectations of them weren’t so high. With a good engine and decent features, a car scored a pass mark. Those who could afford one, gladly did, to the admiration of others.

At the time, the Toyota Sequoia which was newly released couldn’t be a better car. It had all the features to make a driver’s day. But time has passed. We are in 2019 – a time when a car needs more than basic features to get a second look.

Overall, the 2019 Toyota Sequoia doesn’t meet the high-end technology standards on modern-day cars. In fact, it lacks most modern DNA. A modern car buyer would most likely pass it over for the more sophisticated cars. However, the vehicle has some features that still keep it on the market. These include its very expensive cabin, fancy TRD Sport trim level and durable engine.

2019 Toyota Sequoia: What will impress you!

1. Like fine wine, its stylish trim looks even better with time

A lot can be said about the Toyota Sequoia being out of fashion, but its sense of style cannot be ignored among SUVs. The TRD Sport vehicle looks elegant in its blacked out accents, grille surround, badging, rear taillight housings and smoked front. It gets even better with its chrome surrounds integrated with fog lights. The cabin holds its own ground with its bespoke TRD Sport badging.


The 2019 Toyota Sequoia TRD Sport looking so stylish and elegent

2. There’s adequate space for everyone

A car could have the fanciest features and outlook, but without adequate space for occupants, the whole driving experience is cut short. The old-school vehicle scores many points in this regard. You get a lot of space in the three-row 2019 Toyota Sequoia. Thinking about taking a ride many people? This ride is fit for the job. It can comfortably accommodate eight people without any stress.

If you are seated in the front seat, you get to enjoy legroom of 42.5 inches – not many cars can boast of this much legroom. It gets even better in the second row as passengers enjoy legroom of 40.9 inches and a stretch-out space of 35.3 for both adults and kids to be comfortably seated.


You can stretch your legs so comfortably in its very spacious seats

3. A strong engine for long and rough ride

The best asset a car has is its engine. In other words, a car is only as good as its engine. The Toyota Sequoia 5.7-liter engine is dated. Similar to the Tundra, it still has game. With a 341 horsepower combined with a 401 pound-feet torque, the SUV weighing 5,985 pound moves with ease. There’s nothing to complain about its six-speed automatic transmission as it meets up to standards.

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The 2019 Sequoia gets a much more powerful V8 engine

2019 Toyota Sequoia: What may make you think twice!

1. Slight modifications on old platform is not enough

The Toyota Sequoia was new in 2007. Expectedly, in 2019, it lacks the quality to be called new. Suffice to say, it has become outdated. Although updates have been made to the vehicle since its first release, they have been very minimal. The TRD Pro trim and Tested TRD Sport model were added last year. To maintain its past glory, the car needs a complete overhaul.

2. Infotainment system can't catch up with the latest

Nowadays, just seating in a car to your location isn’t sufficient. People want to be entertained on the ride. Hence, the Sequoia’s very small 6.1 inch infotainment system with limited features doesn’t cut it. For some reason, it has refused to take a cue from its other Toyota brands that have since gotten Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Well, Toyota hasn’t adopted this feature in some of its recent products, so, there are very little chances of the 12-year-old Sequoia getting it anytime soon. But one thing is certain, if these features are added, the Sequoia will offer users more value in entertainment.


It's 6.1 inch infotainment system doesn't provide maximum entertainment

3. Bad fuel economy

In a time where every car user is looking to save fuel, the Toyota Sequoia gives very little hope. The four-wheel-drive gulps up to 13 gallon per mile. This alone is very discouraging.

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2019 Toyota Sequoia Pricing & standard features

The base price of the Toyota Sequoia is $54,640 (N19.6 million) and its AS-tested price is $59,745 (N21.5 million).

Features of the Toyota Sequoia

  • 341 Horsepower / 401 Pound-Feet Output
  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 5.7-Liter V8 Engine
  • 13-City / 17 Highway / 14 Combined Fuel Economy
  • 5,985 Pounds Weight
  • All-Wheel Drive Type
  • 18.9 / 66.6 / 120.1 Cubic Feet Cargo Volume


If you're a fan of old-schooled Toyota Sequoia, you can go for this slightly upgraded 2019 version. However, please be noted that its fuel economy will cause some nuisance in the long run. Having said that, this 2019 Toyota Sequoia is quite an ideal car for well-off family who prioritizes a roomy cabin and powerful road trips.

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