2019 Toyota HiAce Bus now Unveiled in Nigeria


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Is it possible to talk about mass road transport in Nigeria without mentioning the Toyota HiAce Busses? Check out the newly unveiled 2019 Toyota HiAce Bus here!

Apart from the fact that Naijauto.com is packed with massive listings of new and Tokunbo Toyota HiAce buses for sale in Nigeria, it is the one commercial bus that has undeniably saved Nigeria’s mass road transport till date.

1. Toyota HiAce 2019: the sixth gen of a legend

Toyota HiAce busses have been introduced as far back as the year 1967 and so far, it has been one notable vehicle among several busses that are mostly used for public mass road transport in Nigeria. It is often being used by hospitals, schools, corporate firms, transport companies, and many more.

Recently, the 2019 Toyota HiAce was unveiled and Toyota claims that fall under the category of 6th generation vehicles that offers much lower vibration and noise with a more significant increase in its size for both its long and standard roof versions/ variants.


This is the new 2019 Toyota HiAce with lower vibration and noise with more room

Takuo Ishikawa, Chief Engineer responsible for the development of the 2019 Toyota HiAce commented on the new bus saying;

“The HiAce was developed using the keywords of “HiAce Pride,” and from the concept of being a faithful partner that makes people feel safe, satisfied, and proud. Owners, drivers, and passengers know they are in good hands when they own, drive, and ride in a HiAce,”

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2. Toyota Hiace Bus 2019 Specifications & Features

The new bus will come with either a 2.8L 4-Cylinder turbodiesel or a 3.5L V6 gasoline engine, with an option of an automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Hiace Bus 2019 – The exterior

  • Available body types include just two which are: Long/high Roof and Normal/Standard roof.
  • By leveraging the semi bonnet new package, this 2019 HiAce’s most significant features are toughness, reliability and functional beauty in aesthetics and all these are enhanced and evolved such that the new bus now has an external style that outrightly suggests a sophisticated and comfortable space.


The 2019 Toyota HiAce has been given a complete refresh to offer more passenger comfort


The 2019 Toyota HiAce now features more passenger space than it used to

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Toyota Hiace Bus 2019 – The Interior

  • A new layout of multiple seat rows and/or increased storage/cargo space now made available to suit any type of use.
  • It can accommodate as much as 17 people comfortably in the “commuter” models.
  • A more specialized interior with more functions tailored for comfort in its new “Tourism” models
  • The new “Van” models feature more storage space that is sufficiently large enough for pallets regardless of any region or country.
  • Generous Underseat storage and Large door pockets now included for peace of mind and more comfortable interior design.


Africa is with no doubt to be one of the biggest markets of 2019 Toyota Hiace

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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