This 2019 INFINITY QS Inspiration opens a whole new era of electric vehicles


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The 2019 INFINITI Qs Inspiration model is indeed an inspiration on its own in the future of electrified vehicles. Click here to know more about this amazing car!

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If you are on the hunt for sports sedan designed perfectly for Electrified age, you really shouldn’t look any further. The 2019 INFINITI QS Inspiration is your answer right there. This new car made its first appearance at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. With its elevated driving position and top performance electrified AWD power, it is indeed an inspiration and a whole new perspective on sports sedan. INFINITI is indeed taking us all into the future of electrified vehicles we have been seeking to access since.

2019 INFINITY QS Inspiration overview on design & power

The Qs Inspiration previews a forthcoming production model while representing the desire of INFINITI to challenge the tradition and also hint at the electrified future of the company, in which e-POWER powertrain and electric across its lineup will be offered by the brand.


Simple, smart & efficient - the look of this Infinity tells it all

By implication, high performance electrified powertrains have been accommodated within the flexible architecture of the concept. This has also propelled the designers of INFINITI to re-invent conventional “3-box” sedan design, bring new exterior proportion and an interior that is roomy and lounge-like.


The electrified INFINITI Qs Inspiration is setting serious standard for future production

The source of 2019 INFINITY QS Inspiration

Karim Habib is the lead designer and the executive design director for INFINITI, who is in charge of other designers. INFINITI’s new form of language has also been confirmed by the Qs inspiration Concept for the forthcoming electric-powered cars. This concept takes from the Japanese DNA for Inspiration by the INFINITI and has been unveiled in an exhibition space that is just newly designed. This was created in collaboration with Kengo Kuma, a Japanese architect.

The exhibition space has been harmonized and designed with the new Qs inspiration concept and design direction of INFINITI for its electrified models. Thus, this would be featured at the futuristic major auto shows.

According to Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president for Global Design, Nissan Motor Company, said:

As designers, we are constantly inspired by the technology of our engineers and the Japanese design influences which are part of our DNA,

He further said:

Here in Shanghai, we have not been alone on this journey. I am very honored to have had Kengo Kuma as a ‘sensei,’ helping us evolve and express a new language in our company architecture. In Shanghai, we reveal our Kuma-san-designed INFINITI booth, expressing a new visual poetry, harmony and innovation.

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INFINITI has unveiled the Qs Inspiration, which shows that the first of the company’s new generation electrified vehicle will be manufactured in China solely for its local market.

INFINITI Qs Inspiration (2019)

Christian Meunier, who happens to be the Chairman of INFINITI Motor Company, said:

China has the most growth potential for electric vehicles globally, especially in the premium segment...The age of electrification presents us with an opportunity to renew our credentials as an innovative challenger brand, ready to move quickly and decisively in this growing and exciting area of the market.

The Qs Inspirational Concept takes precession over electrified production model of a new generation from INFINITI. This is indeed an advanced powertrain of one in a series to be launched years ahead by the brand. There is quite an opportunity to be presented by the electrification by re-inventing the global brand of INFINITI via low emission and high performance models which promises an exciting driving experience and absolute range confidence.

The future of electrified vehicles is all set and we hope we start seeing lots of Inspiration Qs vehicles like this on Nigerian roads. If not, we look forward to similar technology.

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