Thousands of 2019 Honda CR-Vs recalled from US customers


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More pain for embattled automaker Honda Motor Co, as its US office recalls more than a hundred thousand CR-V vehicles over dangerous airbag issues.

Every once in a while automakers are forced to recall their already released vehicles from customers due to faults. Even reputable companies have had similar experience even with products they have produced multiple times. This is the reality of the automotive business as anything can happen, and even the most reliable features can spring a leak suddenly.

In this case, Honda is having to recall tens of thousands its newly released Honda CR-V for sale over issues with the airbags.


Only US spec 2019 Honda CR-V so far are affected

On Wednesday, the Japanese based automaker at their US headquarters announced that it is recalling about 118,000 new U.S spec Honda CR-V vehicles for developing airbag problems. It was gathered that three injuries have resulted linked to malfunctions of the airbags.

Honda said that when the vehicles are collected, they will replace the car steering wheel wire harnesses and also substitute the system cable reels which seem to be where the problem lies.

Honda explained that the metal burrs that are on the exterior of the steering wheel could lead to overheating of components and also cause a short circuit. The airbags are then liable to deploy suddenly and dangerously without a crash.

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Airbags save lives in a crash; without a crash though, deployment can cause grave harm

This recent recall is somewhat different from the callback Honda has had in the past 10 years when it was forced to recall and reconstruct about 21 million Takata airbag inflators which turned out to be faulty in about 12.9 million cars in the USA. Honda reported that the issue on the airbag inflators contributed to the deaths of 16 people in the US but thankfully has only reported three people inured over the present case.

The automaker also added that it's recalling 19,000 vehicles in the US which have had the Takata inflator replacement kits. It said that those replaced kits were not properly installed and that affects those who had the installment before May 2018.

After the airbags issue has been fixed, Information on the process of collection and the state of the vehicle will be duly communicated to car owners.

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