Bentley unveils an all-new 2019 Continental GT in both coupe & convertible versions 


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The new Bentley Continental GT, the coupe and the convertible versions feature eye catching exterior and design designs. Click here for full for full story!

Just when we thought we had seen it all here on Naijauto with lots of surprises on the automotive scene, we just found out that we haven’t seen anything at all. Year 2019 started on innovative note with lots of automobile company keeping their surprises within themselves all through last year. Since January the first, it has been release after release, just enough to water our appetite.

One of those brands that have never fancied the idea of being left behind in the automotive innovative industry is Bentley - the British owned manufacturer and marketer of luxury cars and SUVs. The company is also a subsidiary of Volkswagen.

Bentley has recently unveiled a 542 horsepower Continental GT V8 convertible and coupe versions. What you should expect to see in these new cars is the latest 4.0litre double turbo-charged v8 gasoline unit. This engine is more than capable to produce horsepower of 542, which is equated to 404 kilowatts and 770 newton meters (568 pound feet of torque).


Bentley Continental GT 2019 convertible can accelerate to 96 km/h in 4 seconds

In the area of speed, trust us, Bentley do not joke with flawless driving experience. The company has created a niche for itself in this department. The new models come with a top speed of 318 kilometers in every hour. That is like 198 miles per hour. The only noticeable difference is that the coupe acceleration from a standstill (0-60 mph) is in 3.9 secs while the other variant, the convertible, is a bit higher in just 4 seconds.

Taking a glance at the exotic interior design of these models, you are in for a royal treat. It comes with a walnut dashboard, a 10 speaker sound system enough to take your love for good sound to a whole new level. The seats promise high comfort and class through its electrically adjustable leather seats. Potential buyers are also assured of optional James Bond style rotating visual display that contains 12.3 digital gauge cluster and also three analog clocks.

NEW Bentley Continental GTC Convertible 2019 - First Drive Review

Both models are equipped with 20-inch standard 10-spoke alloy rims with an active all drive system. The cars are pre-installed with continuous damping control and power assisted steering system.

In the aspect of safety, Bentley is not taking any chance with the safety of its customers when behind the wheels. The new cars, the V8 models feature lots of drivers assisting technologies. These include active lane assist, park assist and traffic jam assist.


With a top speed of 318 kilometers in every hour, destination seems quicker

One of the very few distinctive designs in the V8 models that distinguish it from the topping W12 continental range is the layout of the exhaust system. There is quad exhaust system present in the GT V8 whereas in 12 cylinders continental, there are two massive outlets at the back subtle V8 badge on the front fenders is another important difference you need to take note of.

Orders are already coming for these Bentley products from different places such as the United States. Deliveries are scheduled to take effect immediately at the third quarter of this year, 2019. The rest of the world should expect the chance of getting one of new Continental GT V6 from the first quarter of 2020.


Every inch on this Bentley coupe is impeccable!

Is this car really worth a wait? It is pure elegance and the design is definitely a cutting edge in the automotive world. We are all very much excited to see this Bentley product plying Nigerian roads. The products; coupe and convertible seem very similar in design and performance. Just few differences in the variants, which can ultimately affect your choice. Whether you are going for coupe or convertible, we know you will really enjoy driving anyone you put your cash on.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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