Beauty Parade: 2019-2020 Honda models line up


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Why don't you sit back and relax with Honda's 2019-2020 all models line up, guaranteed to make you salivate for these beauties. Check the most recent collection from Japan here!

If you are a stylish person, an automobile lover, and a great fan of Honda cars; then the newest 2019-2020 Honda cars below will surely impress you. Let’s take a closer look at them as presented to you by!


2019 has seen several exciting Honda models hit the market   

1. Honda Fit 2019

  • Starting price: ₦7,550,600

Are you uncomfortable with your style? Then, the 2019 Fit is just what you are looking for. It is a stylish and awesome sporty car that cannot be compared with any other. Its various abilities make it amusing to drive. Add in the Honda-tuned handling, and this is a ride you’ll want to share. Another additional quality of the Fit is its conservation of petrol and the assistance it renders her driver with its technology. The Fit has the best head on a good shoulder.


2019 Honda Fit has great fuel economy and style

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2. Honda Civic Sedan DX 2019

  • Starting price: 8,834,000

The Civic is low slung, which makes it more amusing. It has an aggressive stance, a flashy and sporty appearance, with its glossy and smooth looks that makes it the best amongst the best.


2019 Honda Civic Sedan DX has good handling in a sporty style 

3. Honda Civic Coupe 2019

  • Starting price: 8,402,000

The Civic Coupe doesn’t run as fast as it prowls, kudos to its aggressive stance, sporty, smooth and attractive appearance. Wherever you find yourself, you will be outstanding.


Sleek stylishness defines the 2019 Honda Civic Coupe

4. Honda Civic Hatchback 2019

  • Starting price: 9,122,000

The Civic Hatchback is a sporty design full of new silhouettes, this brand is assured to catch the attention of people, be it on the road or at the driveway. Its aggressive stance is usually complete by a distinguished body-colored rear roofline spoiler, and a usable dual centre exhaust with a chrome finisher. The available “18” aluminum-alloy wheels and the available stylish skirt package always draws one’s attention.

With an additional LED headlights and a standard multi-angle rearview camera, it’s easier to watch over your vicinity closely. Walk into the Civic Hatchback and it’s a must, that it will be exceptional.

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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback is distinctive for its amazing features such as rear, roof line spoiler

5. Honda HR-V 2WD 2019

  • Starting price: ₦9,500,000

The 2019 HR-V is good to go for all adventurous activities you want to indulge in. Together with its glossy, smooth, sporty, and amusing drive, you have the capability to enjoy its limitless goodies.


2019 Honda HR-V is an ideal off-roader for the Nigerian market

6. Honda CR-V 2WD 2019

  • Starting price 14,500,000 - 16,500,000

The 2019 CR-V is just all you need as it makes you stand out with its sporty and athletic qualities, together with a lot of new features and technology.


The Honda CR-V is one of Nigeria's most popular crossovers, and the 2019 Honda CR-V doesn't disappoint

7. Honda Insight Hybrid 2019

  • Starting price: 9,941,000

This hybrid combines energy and styling, alongside its excellent petrol economy ratings, that makes every driving experience worthwhile.


Hybrids have not taken off fully in Nigeria, but the 2019 Honda Insight is a solid hybrid for fuel economy

8. Honda Accord Sedan 2019

  • Starting price: 9,941,000

The 2019 Accord Sedan and its unique curves, larger stance and longer wheel base, has been beautifully reconstructed to catch one’s attention from all angles. This  model has long been a top rival toToyota Camry, currently  Nigeria's most popular sedan.


2019 Honda Accord Sedan, the Accord is among the top 10 sedans in Nigeria

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9. Honda Insight Hybrid 2020

  • Starting price: 9,654,800

The 2020 Insight is the first star of Honda’s electric lineup. A hybrid that combines  refined energy together with styling, not to mention the excellent fuel economy  ratings, that makes driving experience pleasurable.


2020 Honda Insight Hybrid continues its great record as one of Honda's pioneer hybrids

10. Honda Accord Hybrid 2019

  • Starting price: 10,515,200

Achieving one’s goal is success, immediately you become successful at what you do; the next line of action is to look for something else to be more successful at. Therefore, for those who are zealous to go above their capabilities, go no further. The 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid is just for you.


Get real classy on Nigerian roads with the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid

11. Honda Odyssey 2019

  • Starting price: 12,160,000

Just like every other year, the 2019 Odyssey has come, and it has made a huge impression on everyone. The Odyssey is also a good alternative to the Toyota Sienna, and other bestselling minivans in Nigeria. It is full of new features and technologies; and when it comes to comfort; the Odyssey is all you need, as it connects you with a whole lot of fun.


2019 Honda Odyssey; elegant, safe, solid performance for a large family

12. Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid 2019

  • Starting price: 13,755,200

The Clarity’s low, large aerodynamic shape helps in petrol effectiveness, alongside its special and attractive design that makes it more unique.


2019 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid; the low-slung desing improve aerodynamics and fuel economy

13. Honda Ridgeline 2019

  • Starting price: 12,560,000

The active 2019 Ridgeline is here again; it’s always available for whatever you or the road throws at it. This car is well structured to carry out any task with its strong bed.


2019 Honda Ridgeline is a perfect off road pick up for Nigerian roads

14. Honda Pilot 2019

  • Starting price: 12,722,000

Going with its glossy shape, strong bonnet and well-shaped lines, the 2019 Pilot, features a boldly-restyled front and rear fascia and smooth silver grille.

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2019 Honda Pilot is solid SUV as well as a Nigerian favorite

15. Honda Civic Type R 2019

  • Starting price: 9,122,000

One distinguishing features of Honda is it’s racing qualities and ability. Therefore, the Civic Type R is a vehicle that catches the eye on the road and takes your breath away. It happens to be a one-of-a-kind that has a front-wheel drive on the world-famous Nurburgring.

Looking at the catching red/black suede-effect fabric front seats, to the bold rear wing spoiler, to the red-accented piano black “20” aluminum-alloy wheels; there’s no point in  hiding the race pedigree of the Civic Type R.


2019 Honda Civic Type R is a rare Honda sports car for car lovers with a taste for extra power

16. Honda Passport 2019

  •  Starting price: 12,916,400

As the name implies, this model is your Passport to fun and adventure. The first step to a beautiful journey is your passport.  They are set and new for 2019, the Passport helps in making you explore outside your comfort zone, and leaves you satisfied more than your expectation.


You can confidently explore the Nigerian countryside with this 2019 Honda Passport

These are the eye-catching and newest autos, Honda has packaged for you in the 2019/2020 models, to give you an adventurous and beautiful experience. Wherever you go, you will surely stand out.

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