Guess who bought this neon Brabus G Wagon: Zlatan or Hushpuppi? - No one!


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Zlatan Ibile and Ray Hushpuppi in the matching outfit shared photos of themselves alongside a same Brabus G-Wagon wearing a Dubai-based number plate, which posed a big question: Who is the real owner of the car? Or Is it just a rental vehicle?

Earlier this week, caught the trending gist on social media involving controversies rising up as to who is the true owner of a neon Brabus G-Wagon which Nigerian indigenous dancer and rapper, Zlatan Ibile and social media sensation, Ray Hushpuppi both posed within matching outfit in their recent photos.

1. Did Zlatan Ibible or Ray Huspuppi buy the car?

This is definitely the toughest question on social media this week as there's almost no distinctive clue in both pictures indicating the real owner of the car.

Either Zlatan or Huspuppi wore ton-sur-ton with the car, posing confidently along this controversial Brabus G-Wagon.


Nigerian dancer and rapper, Zlatan Ibile posing in a matching outfit with a Brabus G-Wagon SUV

This customized Brabus branded SUV has the plate number 68816 for Dubai which clearly shows that its the exact same car that both celebrities have taken their photos with even though it was a five-day interval between the times they each posted the pictures to social media respectively.


The social media sensation, Ray Hushpuppi also posed ton-sur-ton with the same Brabus G-Wagon

From the two photos of these guys, one could see that it’s the same car with the same plate number. But the big question so far remains:

Who is the real owner of the car among the two? Or could it have been a rented SUV?

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2. The real owner of Brabus G-Wagon both Zlatan and Hushpuppi posed with

It turned out neither Zlatan Ibible nore Ray Hushpuppi was the true owner of this special car. The Brabus G-Wagon belonged to a man named Mr. Woodbery who must be a close friend of both celebrities.


Hushpuppi and Mr. Woodbery - the real owner of the Brabus

Before he painted the car this neon color, it was a white Brabus, but we could easily figure out its number plate.

Check photos of the car and its real owner below!



Mr. Woobery beside his Brabus G-Wagon before re-painting it


Here are some other cars of Mr. Woobery!

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