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Africans got talent! A Zimbabwean man living in the UK is building driverless cars and making the whole technology world turning heads. Check it out!

Africans got talent and are bold to showcase it wherever they pitch their tent.

A Zimbabwean man residing in the UK once more time proves the African genius by building driverless cars which would be capable of reaching 96 kph.

Pasi William Sachiti, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Academy of Robotics, has just recently introduced the world with driverless vehicle technology and advanced robotics, which stormed the field of technology not only in London but in the entire continent of Africa as well.


Pasi William Sachiti of Zimbabwe built a driverless car dubbed Kar-go

The driverless car dubbed Kar-go was created to help solve last-mile delivery in the UK and has been adjudged the first road-worthy autonomous delivery car in Europe.

Naijauto learnt Sachiti collaborated with UK's vehicle licensing authority to develop the driverless vehicle to drive at a speed of 96 km/h on the road.

Born in Harare Zimbabwe, Sachiti migrated to the UK at 16 and established his first business at 19. The young entrepreneur had his education at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The autonomous vehicle was unveiled at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed held in the UK.


Kar-go was unveiled at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed held in UK


The driverless car was built to solve the last-mile delivery issue in the UK

Kar-go was trained using Zimbabwe roads. Other delivery robots in the UK only run on neat pavements but Kar-go has been built to also run on unmarked country roads without having to use its GPS, which shows its target in not only European and American markets but also markets like Zimbabwe or Nigeria as well.

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According to Sachiti,

Kar-go works in conjunction with an app, where recipients can track their delivery and meet the vehicle just like meeting a pre-booked taxi. Recipients will then use the app to open the hatch to release their specific parcel. Inside the vehicle, a patented package management system will sort and re-shuffle packages on the move

driverless-car-built-by-Zimbabwean -man-Sachiti

Kar-go is ready for bad road driving as well

Video: We are Academy of Robotics' Kar-go - William Sachiti

Built with Tesla batteries, Kar-go is expected to provide a driving range of 60 km.

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