ZF demonstrates external car airbag system for side-impact accidents


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The future of safety is here as ZF demonstrates external car airbag system designed for side impact accidents. Read the update and see the video here!

Naijauto.com got this fascinating update recently about the latest demonstration that ZF, a popular auto supplier gave last week showcasing its prototype of what would be the first pre-crash passenger safety system in the world featuring a ZF external side airbag that is aimed at providing an extra form of safety net in any event of a possible side-impact crash to a vehicle.


Auto Supplier ZF’s new side airbag safety system side-impact collision test

When commenting on this new development, ZF says;

"Side impact collisions are among the most dangerous type of road traffic accidents”

“accounting for nearly 700 deaths per year and nearly a third of all occupant fatalities on German roads”

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The working of this new safety system includes sensors which are usually mounted on the vehicle’s exterior and the system automatically inflates a very large airbag which contains between 280 – 400 litres of air (5-8 times the volume of air inside a standard airbag of the steering wheel) all within just 150 miliseconds from when the sensors detect possible collision – or to simply put “before you can blink your two eyes”.

See the side-impact collision test video of this new safety system by ZF;

  ZF Demonstrates External Car Airbag Designed For Side Impact Accidents

This new-side airbags fill up that area lying between the A-pillars and C-pillars of the vehicle and it sure helps to reduce the penetration of any intruding car by up to 30%.

Unfortunately, ZF did not really provide many details on the time that this new system should enter production phase, but general car safety surely remains a very important pillar of on modern cars.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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