Watch out for a zero-emission car to be unveiled by the University of Lagos


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Did you know that the University of Lagos research team has set out to unveil a Zero-Emission car anytime from now? The full gist and update below.

Naijauto feels so proud to announce that we have just got recent updates indicating that the research team of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has set out to soon unveil a locally manufactured Zero-Emission car.

ZEVs (Zero-Emission vehicles) are the type of vehicles that produces absolutely no harmful exhaust gas from their onboard power source.

The exhaust gases produced by internal combustion petrol or diesel engine usually contains some very harmful air pollutants to human health and to the environment as well. Examples of such pollutants include; Oxides of Nitrogen, Lead, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, and particulates (soot).

The proposed unveiling of this Zero-Emission car was revealed by Chairman of Sub Committee (Abstract) – Prof. Dixon Akinleye at a Lagos news conference as he announces the 14th Research Conference & Fair of UNILAG. 

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The research team of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) says we should all anticipate its Zero-Emission Car to be unveiled soon

The ZEV is also said to be among the plethora of products of the ₦5 billion research grants that the institution has been able to attract over the past one year now.

The Lead Scientist, Prof. Samson Adeosun had led the group of Engineering students from his faculty to achieve success with this ZEV project.

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According to him, there are also other groups that have worked on and already developed new brake pads which are more efficient and interestingly made from different recycled materials only.

This proposed Zero-Emission car together with some other developed products are expected to be showcased at the upcoming conference holding between 21st Aug and 23rd Aug this year. The conference’s theme is said to be;

“Automation and Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities for 21st Century Research and Development”.

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