The very first 14-meter Yutong luxury bus with Mercedes powertrain launched by Kojo Motors


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The automotive industry in Nigeria is experiencing a much needed development as Kojo Motors launches the first 14-meter Yutong luxury bus with Mercedes powertrain. Read on!

Last Thursday, history was made in Lagos, Nigeria when the Kojo Motors Nigeria Limited in partnership with Zhengzhou Yutong bus Company of China, leading bus manufacturer, launched for the very first time 14-meter Yutong luxury coach.

According to Naijauto reports, the coach with the model name “Yutong T139HDH” made its first appearance at the grand world launch ceremony at the Civic Center located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

1. Modern features on the Yutong luxury coach

The coach has a capacity of 63 passengers and comes equipped with the Mercedes-Benz engine (OM 457LA), AMT Gearbox of Mercedes-Benz, ZF Automatic Steering axle (Germany), Germany Sachs Clutch, Airbag suspension system and so on.

The executive director of Kojo Motors, Chinedu Oguegbu, believes that the 14-meter Yutong bus comes with inbuilt DVR cameras for proper monitoring, video-on-demand for entertainment and proper connection for the passenger via the onboard Wi-Fi.

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Eddyson Motors Limited is the first entity to acquire this latest luxury version of Yutong buses

Check out some other features of this eye-catching Yutong (T139HDH) bus.

  • Liquid crystal dashboard.
  • 3 times brighter automatic headlights that come on immediately it gets dark.
  • Electrical controlled passenger curtain.
  • USB ports for passengers
  • Electrical controlled driver’s window and rear mirror.
  • Automatic windshield wiper.
  • 7 colorful interior ambient lights as seen in the pictures below.
  • AUS which prevents the bus from moving when passengers are getting in and out.
  • EBD (Electronic Braking Device)
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

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2. The launch ceremony of Yutong luxury bus on Victoria Island

Many dignitaries were in attendance during the launch ceremony. These include the Chief Ikenna Oguegbu, CEO of Kojo Motors,  C.Z Matthew, FRSC Deputy Corp Commandant, Fola Tinubu, Primero Transport Service Managing Director, Mr. Luqman Mamudu, Transtech Industrial Consulting Limited and representatives from National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC).

Yutong Bus Crash Test

Also in attendance were representatives of many bus fleet operating companies across the country.

Presentation of awards was also part of the event, as Kojo’s outstanding customers were honoured for patronizing Yutong bus brand.

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The Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company of China with the 80% ownership share of the bus market in china and 15% global market share, is the official manufacturer of Yutong brand of buses.

For seven consecutive years now, Yutong has been the number one global bus manufacturer with 70,000 units sold in 2016 while the German counterpart, holding the second position, sold 20,000 units within similar period.


Kojo Motors will be solely in charge of assembling Yutong brand of buses in Nigeria

Head of Yutong International business, Robben Xiong, commented on the design of the bus, which is powerful enough to withstand rough driving terrain and has been subjected to multiple rough tests.

Ejiro Omoefe, a member of Standard IBTC Vehicle Asset Financing department, testified on Yutong bus’s durability. He also made it known that IBTC is offering leasing services for the brand of Yutong buses acquisition.

Kojo Motors is in charge of assembling Yutong buses in Nigeria. For every bus, there is an offer of two years warranty or 150,000 kilometers. This is quite an indication of utmost confidence in their products after subjecting them to rigorous testing on roads across the country.

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