You feel more enjoyable when driving sports car than when kissing


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Only riding a roller coaster is more excited than driving sports cars, do you agree?

We all experience numerous emotions, namely fatigue, road rage as well as excitement behind the wheel. What if your car can read those emotions and display them? Well, meet Buzz Car - a new invention from Ford.

This "Buzz Car" comes to life when you do

Buzz Car is actually a modified Ford Focus RS with an artificial and wearable intelligence technology, including two sensors attached to the wrist for the driver, one can monitor the driver’s heart rate and the other measures his skin response.

A blue Buzz Car

The Buzz Car incorporated an artificial and wearable intelligence technology

Whenever the driver feels a "buzz moment", i.e when he is excited and his heart rate increases, these sensors could read that and make dazzling lights appear cross the exterior and interior of the car.

As the sensor reported, driving sports car scores an average of 2.1 high-intensity buzz moments during a typical commute, which is more enjoyable than watching a “Game of Thrones” episode, cheering a favourite soccer team, or kissing your lover. Ford said only occasional highs of roller coaster deliver more buzz moments.

Buzz Car automatically turns on dazzling lights

Whenever the driver feels exciting, dazzling lights will appear cross the exterior and interior of the car

To make a complete comparison, below are the scores of doing those activities recorded by the sensor:

 Activities Average number of buzz moments 
 Playing a roller coaster game  3 buzz moments
 Driving sports cars  2.1 buzz moments
 A shopping trip  1.7 buzz moments
 Watching a “Game of Thrones” episode   1.5 buzz moments
 Watching a football game  1.5 buzz moments
 Having a fine dinner, kissing or dancing  0 buzz moments

Besides, Fords will continue developing this intelligent technology in the future to keep drivers safer while driving by sending alert messages to them. Whenever the driver is stressed, the Buzz Car will turn on the soft lighting along with soothing music. Also, in the case drivers are at the risk of nodding off, the car will wake them up or take control for them before they get an accident.

Do you like this intelligent technology from Ford?

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