Celebrity fashion designer Yomi Casual shows off his pimped Chevrolet Camaro


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Yomi Casual, celebrity fashion designer in Nigeria has shown off his newly pimped Chevrolet Camaro to celebrate his Birthday.

From a report reaching us here on Naijauto, a top Nigerian fashion designer, Yomi Casual, who happens to be the younger brother to AY Comedian, has decided to pimp his Chevrolet Camaro as part of his latest birthday celebrations.


Yomi Casual is celebrating his birthday in style by pimping his Chevrolet Camaro into a more intimidating version

Yomi’s Chevrolet Camaro was pimped by a highly recognized vehicle customization service known as Khaz_customs, which has its specialization in pimping of any model or version of vehicle.


Courtesy of Kkaz_customs, the celebrity designer has given his Chevrolet Camaro a whole new delightful look

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In case you are wondering what Yomi Casual’s Camaro used to look like before he pimped it, you might want to see this earlier picture of his powerful and expensive ride:


Yomi Casual posing alongside his Chevrolet Camaro before it was pimped

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