9 car models you can suspect as Yahoo Boys’ cars at first sight


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Most Nigerian “Yahoo” boys usually buy some specific model of cars which is why police officers will often suspect anyone driving these 9 car models. Check the list below!

Naijauto shouldn’t be the one to tell you that Yahoo boys in Nigeria commonly show off and drive luxury cars. It’s becoming a trend in Nigeria today for most people including police officers to assume someone’s personality and financial status by mere looking at the type of car they drive.

Today, most Nigerians will naturally guess that you must either be the general overseer of one big church, a Royalty or a successful businessman to be riding in a Rolls-Royce car of any type. But on the flip side, Nigerian people now see cars like the Toyota Corolla or the Toyota Camry model (Pencil Light) and many others as Yahoo boys’ cars these days.

Things have even gotten worse now to the extent that almost all Nigerian police officers will suspect and even instantly label a young-looking Nigerian man driving some particular car models as a “Yahoo” boy. This is why we are sharing below, a list of some 9 car models that Nigerian police officers often suspect as Yahoo Boys’ cars at first sight.


There are some particular car models always found with most Nigerian Yahoo boys whenever they are raided

If you are young or “look” young and you own any of the below-listed car models, we strongly advise that you should always have a legal means of identification with you in your car at all times.

Below are some common car models that will often make Nigerian police officers pull you over at checkpoints to confirm if you are not a Yahoo boy or girl;

1. Mercedes-Benz C300 and any CLA/ CLS model

There is just something unexplainable about the German auto brand, Mercedes-Benz that makes Nigerian crazy about its cars. This “craze” is also not far-fetched amidst Nigerian Yahoo boys as well.

In recent times, the Mercedes-Benz C300 sedan is one particular car model that has now become the “holy grail” of Nigerian Yahoo boys. As a matter of fact, at least one Mercedes-Benz C300 car must be recovered at every raid and arrest of Yahoo boys made by EFCC in a month.


The Mercedes-Benz C300 and other CLA or CLS models are the most common “Benz” cars found with Yahoo Boys

Just like the C300, most Yahoo boys with more money to spare have also started a trend of always buying many other Mercedes-Benz CLA and CLS sedan models. We cannot really tell the reason behind their craze for this particular set of Benz models but we sometimes guess that affordability and luxury might be the closest factors.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLK and GLC-Class SUV models

Similar to the sedan Benz models we discussed above, different models of the Mercedes-Benz GLK and GLC-Class SUVs also just seem to appeal a lot to most Nigerian Yahoo boys.

It seems as if a vast majority of among them that doesn’t want to go for a Benz sedan just head straight any model of the Mercedes-Benz GLK and GLC-Class SUVs they can afford.

If you are young and happen to drive any GLK and GLC-Class SUV model, we strongly advise that you don’t get annoyed with most Nigerian police officers as they are more likely to already label you a “Yahoo boy/girl” at first sight of your vehicle approaching. Don’t blame them, check out the image below from different EFCC arrests of yahoo boys and you will understand better.


Most Nigerian Yahoo boys that do not like sedan “Benz” cars usually go for Mercedes-Benz GLK and GLC-Class SUVs

3. Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon SUVs

You will mostly find the G-Wagon SUVs being driven by “senior” Yahoo boys in major Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt where such vehicles are also commonly owned by citizens with legal sources of income.

It can be really hard for most Nigerian police officers to not suspect any young guy or lady approaching their checkpoint in a Mercedes-Benz G-wagon SUV. Reason being the fact that it is one of the most expensive luxury SUVs worth millions of naira usually found with the most-wanted Nigerian Yahoo boys.


Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon SUVs are usually only found with “senior” Yahoo boys in Nigeria’s major cities

4. Newer models of Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla

Starting from the year 2007 models, Nigerian police will usually suspect any young guy or lady approaching them in a Toyota Camry also popularly called “Muscle Camry” and newer models of the Toyota Corolla sedan as well.

Don’t blame these officers because it has become too rampant to see “upcoming” or “younger” Nigerian Yahoo boys flaunting these particular Toyota sedan models in almost every village and cities in Nigeria today.

These two Toyota sedan models have become “starter” or “beginner” car model for young Nigerian Yahoo boys that are just new in the game.

If you are young and you drive any of these two common and affordable Toyota sedans, be ready to always prove your identity to Nigerian police officers at most checkpoints all over the country.


Nigerian police and EFCC usually recover a countless number of Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla cars from Yahoo boys

5. Lexus ES 300 and ES 330

If you are a young guy with hairstyles like “dreadlock”, don’t even border to argue with Nigerian police officers when driving a Lexus ES 300 or ES 330 model because they wouldn’t listen to you at all. These two models are just exactly as we have described Toyota Camry and Corolla above; if you don’t find a “beginner” Yahoo boy riding a Toyota car then, you will most likely find him/her in a Lexus ES 300 or ES 330 sedan.

Be careful of the way you dress and how you approach Nigerian police officers if you drive any of these two car models.


The Lexus ES 300 and ES 330 is the second most common car models often found with Nigerian Yahoo boys

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6. Lexus ES 350

Even though the Lexus ES 350 sedan is commonly used by a vast majority of young Nigerian entrepreneurs and business owners, it is also usually found with Yahoo boys that are no more beginners but rather “intermediate”.


The Lexus ES 350 sedan is commonly recovered from many “intermediate” Nigeria yahoo boys

7. Lexus RX 330 and RX 350 SUVs

Nigeria yahoo boys that dislike Toyota products and sedan cars are usually found riding the Lexus RX 330 or RX 350 SUV models. It is one of the most affordable but yet luxury SUVs on the Nigerian market today which explains why the internet fraudsters just love the two models.


Police officers are used to seeing young Nigerian Yahoo boys and ladies riding the Lexus RX 330 or RX 350 SUVs

8. Toyota Venza

This particular SUV is not so common with Nigerian Yahoo boys but it has been noticed that the mere sight of a young guy or lady in a luxury SUV like the Toyota Venza is what makes police officers suspicious.


The shape, size and level of luxury in the Toyota Venza SUV usually makes Nigerian police officers suspicious

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9. Range Rover SUVs

Just the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon, every once in awhile, Nigerian police officers and the EFCC usually arrest “most-wanted” and top Yahoo boys with Range Rover SUVs as well.

It is often difficult for any police officer to not suspect a young Nigerian man or woman riding a Range Rover SUV that probably worth more than his/her 2-3years salary.


The expensiveness of Range Rover SUVs makes Nigerian police officers suspicious when finding with a young civilian

And there you go!

If you own or drive any of the above-listed Yahoo boys car models, please take caution in identifying yourself and dealing with officers of the Nigerian police.

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