Xenophobia retaliation: Police van set on fire, cars smashed, Jakande traffic blocked


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Nigerians are suffering great loss of lives and properties due to Xenophobia retaliation. Naijauto.com has updated here the latest incidents around, please check!

Police van burnt, one shot dead

Yesterday, a police van was set on fire by angry youths around Jakande, Lekki, Lagos. Witnesses reported that a protester who is yet to be identified had been shot dead right outside the Shoprite premises, leading to the burning of police van nearby. However, some sources said the victim was killed after the van had been set in flames.


An unidentified protester was shot dead

Protesters also stormed the area with violent slogans. Though police had successfully prevented them from entering the mall, the attack continued with various car mirrors and windscreens smashed, endangering traffic participants along the expressway.


The police van was burnt down by the angry mobs

South-African owned business seriously damaged

According to latest reports, the protester group is mostly area boys who called for the complete shutdown of South-African owned supermarket Shoprite as well as other SA-owned businesses throughout the country.

Despite the prevention of armed guards with tear gas and gunshots, the angry youths tried to gain access to the mall outlet for vandalism.


Inside the mall, several parts had been vandalised

The mob lit bonfires, trying to damage as many properties of the mall as they could.

Afraid of being attacked, the Mobil and SPG fuel stations had closed all gates.

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Traffic gridlock on Lekki-Epe Expressway

As xenophobic retaliation stormed the Circle Mall Shoprite, the already-heavy traffic around the area was exacerbated. Angry youths had already blocked Jakande road and threatened the travellers.

Naijauto highly recommends you stay away from Lekki Ajah until the police can totally gain control over the situation. You can also research some alternative routes such as the Chevron Toll Point.


You had better desist from travelling through Jakande area

What led to Xenophobia retaliation in Nigeria?

Like what it’s called, this is a Xenophobia retaliation, stemming from the most recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. However, it is not a sudden incident but a series of killing Nigerian residents and burning down Nigeria-owned shops over the years.


Xenophobia attacks in South Africa have engaged thousands of people there

More seriously, South African government shows a lackadaisical attitude towards this problem. They are accused of not doing enough to stop their citizens from injuring innocent Naija people there.

Latest Xenophobia attacks in South Africa

Whatever happens, please stay safe and update latest news on Naijauto.com!

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