Xenophobia: Abuja Shoprite mall targeted, police managed to stop mobs from invading


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Nigerian police officers had to move swiftly in stopping angry tyre-burning mobs that targeted South African-owned Shoprite mall in Abuja. Read the story here!

Part of the new reports reaching us here at Naijauto claims that Nigerian police officers were readily alert and prevented angry mobs from burning car tyres and invading South African-owned Shoprite mall in Lugbe area of Abuja on Wednesday 4th September 2019.

This aborted violent demonstration is no surprise as many of such protests have been springing up as a reaction to the ongoing Xenophobic attacks directed at Nigerian citizens living and working in South Africa.

Over the past few days, it’s been disheartening to see various reports and video clips of different South African mobs launching Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Africans in their country by looting and burning down their shops as well as killing them cold-blooded particularly in Johannesburg suburbs.


Abuja Shoprite mall would have been vandalized by angry protesters if not for tightened security

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These baseless acts of Xenophobia exhibited by South Africans have angered quite a number of Nigerians who have now taken to the streets here in Nigeria to protest the immediate boycott of every South African-owned business like DSTV, Shoprite, and MTN operating here in Nigeria.

Some Shoprite malls in Lagos have already been looted and vandalized by angry anti-Xenophobia protesters during the late hours of Tuesday 3rd September 2019 with the Nigerian police even killing one of the looters.


Lagos Shoprite mall after being vandalized by angry protesters on Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Our reports have it that even though police officers blocked these angry protesters from vandalizing the Lugbe Shoprite mall in Abuja, they still went ahead to burn several car tyres on the road as well as a large billboard too.

As at the time of writing this update; the level of security at all other malls and Shoprite stores in Abuja has been tightened up against an unprecedented attack by the protesters.

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