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When next you're about to park your car, check the area so you don't end up the same way as this driver. Check the creative punishment from this Argentina supermarket employees!

The world still has some humor left in it. And people won't stop giving us a dose of it just to laugh over.

Workers at a supermarket in Argentina have created a hilarious scene in a bid to get back at a driver who went and parked his car in the wrong place.

Reports gathered by Naijauto say the driver parked his grey Peugeot 208 car in the spot where the supermarket stores its shopping carts. And when the employees saw the car parked there, they decided to punish the driver by surrounding his car with a large number of shopping carts to prevent him from driving his car out.


The driver parked his grey Peugeot 208 car in the spot where the supermarket store its shopping cart

The picture of the Peugeot car surrounded by shopping carts was shared on Facebook by one Arnold Angelini, who happens to be in support of what the supermarket workers did.

In the post, Angelina wrote,

"The truth is someone has to be a moron to have parked in the section for ‘shopping carts. You can’t be such an SOB and leave it anywhere. You can tell that no one respects nothing much less an undue place. Applause to the employees who left the vehicle closed off.

Since the pictures were posted on Facebook on Sunday, it has gotten 1,200 likes and 6981 shares."

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The workers at the supermarket taught the driver a hard lesson by surrounding his car with tons of shopping carts

While speaking with the local media, Angelina said, he had gone to the cinema and while coming back around 11 pm, he passed through the supermarket and saw the scene.

He said,

"What I saw generated surprise and indignation because I said ‘park wherever’. The weird thing is that the car was really badly parked and the (shopping carts) were put later. He parked wherever he wanted."

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