Total wreckage of Ferrari 458 Spider up for sale despite being burnt unrecognizable


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Can you break bank for this totally burnt out and unrecognizable rare Ferrari 458 Spider? You might want to see the pictures before you decide!

People can really put anything up for sale regardless of its condition or appearance. No doubt, most people would love to drive a Ferrari but we doubt if anyone wants to splash cash on a totally burnt model. Well, if you are a mechanic, you might want to take it up as a personal redemption project.


The gorgeous-looking exclusive Ferrari 458 Spider has been put up for sale despite its current sorry state

The burnt out Ferrari for sale was categorized as "Enhanced Vehicle"

A report just reached us here on Naijauto that one of the remaining V8 naturally aspirated mid-engine models manufactured by the iconic Italian automaker and undoubtedly one of the finest vehicles created by Maranello is this Ferrari 458 Spider in question. It is up for sale and not in the condition you would hope for.

If you have the chance to own a Ferrari 458 Spider without major dent or total wreckage, it will be a dream come true. However, what is left of this model is just melted pieces of junk covered in dust and left to rot in the open space.

Surprisingly, it is not a new thing that people put up junks of supercars out to the market to sell, especially in auctions. But the big question is; who are these people that purchase these junks? One possibility we cannot rule out is buying it for the sake of the VIN number.

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Expensive junk like this is classified as 'Enhanced Vehicle' by auction to be vacuumed or washed by Copart

When you take a look at this unrecognizable Ferrari 458 Spider, its four wheels have seriously melted, and you could hardly think of any part that would be useful to you in any way. So, why the heck are they selling this?

This model has been shockingly identified by the auction as ‘Enhanced Vehicle’, which means that auto dealer can engage the service of Copart in washing or vacuuming the model. We seriously don’t know what they will wash here.

How does a real Ferrari 458 Spider look?

The iconic Ferrari rare model, Ferrari 458 Spider, is one of the most gorgeous Ferraris out there. Only few people on this planet have this exclusive model. Without any massive wreckage, it produces an output of 558 horsepower and 398 pound feet of torque. The stylish-looking 458 Spider can accelerate from a standstill of zero to  60 mph in just 3.0 seconds. To get one, it comes at a base price of $230,000 (₦83m ), which doesn't include the clearing fee and shipping cost in Nigeria.


In its original state, the Ferrari 458 Spider is beauty and a speed beast to own and drive


Would you rather buy a new 458 Spider or go for the luxury junk at an auction?

Can you splash cash on this expensive junk?

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