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Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Innovations are great, but they become a torn in the flesh when over the board. See the worst modern car trends developed by automakers!

Car users have the luxury of variety as far as cars are concerned. For every car, there are other cars with the same features. In other to dominate the market, automakers are constantly in competition, trying to outdo each other.

Outstanding features are the unique selling propositions (USP) of cars. When a car boasts of a certain cool feature that is absent in other cars, consumers gravitate towards it, just so they can enjoy the benefits of the said feature. As a result of this, automakers are working round the clock to come up with innovations.

Over the years, we have witnessed commendable trends in cars. But sometimes, these trends are not appealing. They make you wonder what the automakers were thinking when they invented them. You have most likely come across some of these trends - let’s put the spotlight on them.

1. Electronically controlled door handles

Car doors are security mediums to protect drivers and their belongings in the car. A simple door with tight security features is okay. But modern automakers aren’t content with this. The driver is compelled to put up with a complex door handle that pops in and out on its own.

Rather than simply opening your door when you want to go it, you have to worry about making some electronic commands to open it. When you are in a hurry, and want to quickly step out of your car, you have to pause for a while for the handle to automatically come out.


An electronic car door handle gives us a feeling of missing something

2. Dashboard touchscreen console

We live in a digital age; it’s important that we adapt to the digital society. But that shouldn’t be at the detriment of our safety especially when driving.


This all-touch-screen dashboard looks sophisticated but inconvenient

A touchscreen dashboard can be compared to a smartphone. With the traditional dashboard, some things such as the volume of the stereo can be easily turned on or off when driving without taking your eyes off the road. But with a touchscreen, you have to look closely just to be sure of what you are pressing.

Adjusting the air conditioner also becomes a challenge. Instead of simply turning the knob, you have to pay attention to the commands on the touchscreen. Isn’t that too much work?

3. Engine noise inside cars

Noise is one thing drivers try as much as possible to avoid while driving. A very quiet interior used to be one of the perks of luxury cars. But nowadays, it seems noise has become a new trend.

To create an illusion that the engine of a car is working properly, some automakers create a synergy in the various noises produced by the engine as a means of infotainment. Guilty of this practice is the BMW M5. Unless they have a better explanation for this, it makes no sense.


The revving sound of the engine is appealing to some, not others

4. Presence of fake exhaust pipes

Exhaust pipes are usually under the car. But in a bid to enhance the beauty of the car, automakers have taken to creating one as a decorative measure. Now, right in front of the car, is an exhaust pipe that has no business with the exhaust. It makes you wonder why they have it there in the first place.


Luxury brands have long utilized fake exhaust pipes for aesthetic purpose

5. Using cameras in place of side mirrors

Side mirrors are a unique feature of cars. When driving, they give you a clear view of things around you. With just one look, you know your car position against other objects. In an attempt to be modern, automakers are beginning to deprive drivers of this convenience. Now, they install cameras in place of side mirrors.

Cameras are great. But they are more useful in areas other than driving. Safety is a major concern when driving. Simple side mirrors are very effective. Bringing cameras to the table is just too much; they can be a major source of distraction.

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Side cameras sometimes distract drivers

These unflattering trends add up to the stress of driving. Automakers have to be mindful of their innovations, otherwise, they become counterproductive. Sometimes, less is more. Check out more automotive innovations on Naijauto.com.

Chris Odogwu
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Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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