World’s Most Expensive Parking Space sells for ₦350 million in Hong Kong


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A businessman has just paid ₦350 million for a super-exclusive parking space in the city of Hong Kong. More on this expensive purchase here!

We have never had any record of a parking space worth ₦350million here on Naijauto, or seen such anywhere till now. This is the same reason why everyone around the world is taken by surprise to hear the breaking news of an ultra-exclusive parking space in Hong Kong that just sold for $969,000 (approx. ₦350million).

This report was made known to the public by the popular South China Morning Post. In the report, it was revealed that a businessman who goes by the name Johnny Cheung Shun-yee sold this expensive parking space at the stated amount to a buyer whose identity is yet to be revealed.


Johnny Cheung, a businessman has just sold his parking space for a record-breaking ₦350million in Hong Kong

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This parking space is said to be exclusively meant for tenants and executives using “The Center” – a massive steel office tower with 79 floors located in the busy central neighbourhood of Hong Kong and also directly facing the parking lot.

The same businessman who sold this expensive parking lot is among the 10 investors that paid a whopping ₦1.87trillion ($5.15billion) in 2018 for “The Center” building.


Hong Kong ranks second in the most expensive real estate properties in the world

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