The world's most expensive bikes: ₦1 billion for a motorbike?


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Almost all the world's most expensive bikes were made in limited units! Check out 8 of the most priciest ones with their pictures and prepare to be jaw-dropped!

Many Nigerians think bikes are for "agberos" (motor park louts) or those who can't afford a car. But it's worthy to note that there are some bikes that are actually more expensive than most luxury cars you have ever come across. The bikes you see everyday at motor parks and on the street are the low budget ones, and they go for between 200,000 to 400,000 naira. But the power bikes owned by popular Nigerian celebrity, Charley Boy, and the likes, cost a lot more.

These luxury power bikes come with a lot more weight, horsepower, torque and better performance than the regular. Therefore, if you're a fan of bikes and have been looking to have a luxury collection, here are some of the world's most expensive bikes that might tickle your fancy, collected by!

1. Icon Sheene - ₦57 million

When Barry Sheene, legendary bike racer from Britain, died, his personal designer and engineers along with family and friends built 52 custom fit bikes in his honour. The brand model was named the icon Sheene. The bike was made to have a 1400 cc supercharged engine that puts out 133 pound of torque and 250 horsepower. It was partly built in line with Barry Sheene's favorite race bike. Each unit of the bike is worth 57 million naira, and was sold out not long after launch.


The Icon Sheene Bike is the cheapest in this list

2. MTT Turbine Street fighter - ₦63 million

Hollywood celebrity, Jay Leno and a couple others wanted a power bike that can shut up Harley Davidson and Ducatti riders - who feel only their bikes are worthy of being on the road. At a time when Harley Davidson bikes were kings of roads, the MTT Turbine Street fighter was launched.

First, it came with gas turbine Rolls Royce Allison engine with a 320 HP output. But later upgraded to a 2-speed transmission engine that puts out a hundred more horsepower than the previous. It's so fast that it can get up to 227 miles per hour when at top speed. It's worth 63 million naira.


The MTT turbine streetfighter bike was intially installed Rolls Royce Allison engine

3. The Milona 16 - ₦90 million

One of Italy's finest auto tuning specialists, NCR, wanted to manufacture a limited edition super bike that can compete with the likes of the Ducatti. They came up with Milona 16 - popularly known as the NCR M16. It was built to weigh not more than 320 pounds. Materials like aircraft grade aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium were used to make the bike really light. It's believed to be a somewhat better bike as compared to the Ducatti Desmosedici MotoGP bike.

It's worth quarter of a million dollars - which is 90 million naira.


The very light M16 comes from an Italian leading auto tuning specialist

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4. Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX - ₦110 million

A special edition company with headquarters in California, United States of America, Ecosse Moto Works, wanted to make one of the world's most expensive bikes and succeeded in 2012. With a supercharged engine and titanium chassis installed, they built 13 units of the Titanium Series FE Ti XX. The bike comes with 200 HP and took at least 500 days to build. It was definitely worth it as they bikes got sold out - with each going for about 110 million naira.


Only 13 units of Titanium Series FE Ti XX was ever built

5. The Tomahawk - ₦180 million

Bike manufacturer, Dodge, are known for the popular Dodge Viper that comes with a V10 8.3 liter engine. Little did anyone expect the Dodge Tomahawk. The Tomahawk hasn't really been put out for sale but from its features ardent bike lovers know what to expect. But it's speed, tyre limits, rolling resistance and drag us quite scary. It will take a die hard racer to acquire one. It's expected to be sold for half a million dollars - about 180 million naira.


The Tomahawk looks truly intimidating, just like its name

6. Black Lightning - ₦335 million

The Vincent Black Lightening is one of the most amazing bikes every produced. Though it's from a UK bike maker, but it was made popular by Rollie Free (an American bike rider) in the late 1940s. Less than 20 units of the bike still exist and goes for over 900,000 dollars. The last sold was bought by a bike lover from Australia for a whooping 335 million naira.


The Vincent Black Lightening was auctioned for 335 million naira

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7. The Harley Davidson Cosmic starship - ₦360 million

The name alone makes it seem as though the bike should not be ridden on earth. When cosmic existentialist, Jack Armstrong, designed the cosmic starship for Harley Davidson, he actually wanted to an artistic bike that will cost more than a hundred million dollars. He applied his pop art, existentialism and cubism to designing the bike and achieved his aim.

When the bike was first made, it was sold for 360 million naira, and later sold to a company for three times that amount. The company, Star Global International, has since preserved the bike in a special volt and said it won't sell the bike for anything less than 15 times the amount it was first sold. But for now, let's leave its worth at a billion naira!


The cosmic Harley Davidson bike may cost billions now

8. The BMS Nehmesis - ₦1 billion

In 2007, there was a chopper competition in the US and San Nehme (a racer) wanted a customised bike to enter the competition with. He approached the BMS choppers brand to make an eleven foot long bike that has never been made before. It took more than 3,000 man hours to complete. The bike came with gold plated compartments worth 9 million naira and two wheels worth almost 5 million naira each. The bike in general is worth about the same price as the Harley Davidson cosmic starship!

And its price, not surprisingly, must go up to billions, ₦​​​​​​​1 billion to be more exact.


The BMS Nehmesis still contends with the cosmic Harley for the most expensive bike ever

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