Watch the world fastest bullet train to reach 249 mph being tested in Japan


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This insanely fast bullet train is set to hit the market in 2031. Click here to see the fastest bullet train in the world capable of reaching 249 mph being tested in Japan!

Last Friday, Japan commenced a 3 years’ worth of test runs on Alpha-Xthe fastest ever Shinkansen bullet train capable of reaching 400km per hour or 249mph.

The acronym “Alpha-X” stands for Advanced Lab for Frontline Activity in rail eXperimentation, will be exposed to two test times every week on the line between cities of Aomori and Sendai. These two mentioned cities are 280 kilometers apart. Since the line needs to be quiet, all tests will take place after midnight.


With this ALFA-X, you would get to your destination even before knowing it

The Alpha-X, which is definitely the future of train system, will feature ten cars and a 72 feet long pointed nose to reduce the pressure as well as noise when going through tunnels. It is also slated to go into full service in 2030.

JR East, a rail company will operate the train at speed of 224mph (360km) when it begins operation in 11 years’ time. This would make it the fastest bullet train in the world.

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This is your seat if driving the fastest bullet train in the world

By implication, it would make it 10 kilometer per hour faster than Fuxing Hao in China, which acts as link between Beijing and Shanghai. This China’s Fuxing Hao has similar capabilities just like the ALFA-X.


It appears ALFA-X  is not only about speed or quietness but comfort and luxury

Shockingly, no matter what ALFA-X achieves in terms of speed during testing, it won’t come close to the Japan Railway’s Magnetic Levitation (Maglev), which has the record breaking speed of 603 kph in 2015, on an experimental track.

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Japan's bullet train 2020

It will be extremely hard for the world renowned high speed Shinkansen trains by Japan to be late as every bullet-train leave Tokyo for Osaka, Kyoto, and other places every few minutes, hereby making them an effective alternative to air travel.

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