This Audi RS7 Sportback with 202Mph is the world’s fastest Armored car


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Having an armoured car is one thing while having a fast car is another but, this armoured 202mph Audi RS7 Sportback packs it all into one. See the car here now!

Have you ever imagined having an armoured, beautiful, fast, sports car? Naijauto has found just the car that fits this type of specification and it is not the ordinary Audi RS7 but instead the new AddArmor APR Audi RS7 Sportback. Yes, that’s right!


This is the AddArmor upgraded armoured Audi RS7 Sportback that is one of a kind

This unbelievable new Audi RS7 Sportback armoured vehicle has been comprehensively upgraded by the Wyoming-based AddArmor company and they have made this car to be capable of punching through most extreme obstacles while just brushing off some small arms fire. On a more serious note, this unorthodox upgraded Audi RS7 has been built mainly to just showcase how far the technology of armoured vehicles has reached today.


AddArmor upgraded armoured Audi RS7 Sportback comes with bulletproof window glasses and windshield

This APR Audi RS7 is fitted with Euro-spec B4 type armour protection which adds less than 200lb to the overall weight of the vehicle itself. Such a modification was made possible by the usage of polycarbonate composite instead of steel plating and the company AddArmor even claims that this polycarbonate composite is ten times stronger than the usual ballistic steel. Genius isn’t it?

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Secret-agent gears like Tasers, sonic cannons, and blinding-lights all comes packed in the AddArmor upgraded Audi RS7 Sportback


The front barrier for blasting through brick walls and even pepper spray dispenser for your protection

The body panels of this upgraded RS7 are infused with the composite material, while its normal window glasses are all replaced with a type of ballistic glass and polycarbonate multi-layered mixture. And for those that still desire more, AddArmor says it can also build another RS7 that will come with B7-level protection that will make it capable of stopping anything that is short of a nuclear blast.


Who would not want to have a luxurious, fast and yet  powerful armoured car like this?

Now, when it comes to the speed of this modified Audi RS7, it is fitted with a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 760hp (567kW) making it able to go beyond the stock 200mph according to AddArmor’s report. And apart from just passing the stock speed barrier, this upgraded RS7 can also accelerate from 0 – 60mph in just 2.9 seconds – which is a feature that complements its armoured (safety) nature as one could be facing an overwhelming attack from the rear.

Even though this upgraded version of the RS7 might seem pricey but, not often would one find such military-grade protection built into a luxury, refreshing super-fast Audi.

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