Police shut down the largest workshop making fake Lamborghini and Ferrari Supercars in Brazil


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Did you know that there are many people out there producing fake Lamborghini and Ferrari supercar? See the photos of a workshop that produces such fake cars!

What if we told you that not all the Lamborghini and Ferrari Supercars you see everywhere are authentic?

Just, when you think you have seen it all, Naijauto comes out with another surprising auto-related report like this one.


Would you believe that this Lamborghini Aventador is actually fake?

We were literally blown away on receiving this report of a certain Brazilian Father and Son that were both arrested in their workshop which was also shut down afterwards because they were allegedly producing fake Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 812 supercars. Just imagine that!

The two suspects were traced and arrested following several complaints by the two Italian automakers - who also happen to each have a team specifically assigned to fishing out illegal operations in different countries.

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See the fake (replica) brand badges that the father and son use for branding their fake supercars

The Brazilian police discovered 8 replicas of supercars at the culprits’ workshop which were in the ongoing assembly process as at the time of the police raid. The police had to seize the frames, moulds and all other tools the father and son were using to produce the fake (replica) supercars.

The Brazilian Civil Police of the Santa Catarina said that these two culprits had been selling their fake supercars via social media platforms for prices ranging from $48,000 (₦17.3 million) to $66,000 (₦23.8 million) — which obviously is just a small fraction of the original prices of a Ferrari 812 and Lamborghini Aventador.

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The Brazilian police found up to eight different fake supercars in the raided workshop

These arrested father and son are actually believed to be Brazil’s largest manufacturer of replica (fake) supercars and they now face serious criminal charges for intentionally falsifying a commercial property.

Who knows how many people are actually riding some of these fake Lamborghini and Ferrari Supercars around the world?

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