Working principle of electric cars - why it is a top choice for environment sustainability


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Although there are some similarities with other engine variants especially in exterior design but the technology is way ahead and totally different. Click here to read details!

Have you ever wondered what the future investment in electric cars will look like? May be you are still in ocean of thought and series of questions start springing up from your mind like “how does electric car works”? “What makes it different from regular ones you see on the street?” Here on Naijauto, we will show you the working principle of an electric car.

1. Why you need to pay more attention to electric cars?

From its environmental sustainability to low maintenance cost, electric cars are slowly and steadily gaining influence in the automotive world. This is possible due to the commitment of the various automobile companies in deploying cutting-edge technologies in making this a reality. This technological advancement also extends to safety and comfort with great concern for the environment. While many people do not have the sufficient information about electric cars, it is a very appealing new perspective in car manufacturing. Car lovers should be encouraged more to patronize electrified vehicles for their convenience.

2. What is distinctive about electric cars?

Though there might be similarities in exterior design and the inner cabin of all other kinds of vehicles, the electric car works on a whole different level in terms of technology and the basic parts. In a typical electric vehicle, there are 3 basic parts which are the control unit, energy storage units and propulsion unit.


With distinctive technologies, electric cars help to save the environment

With its sizable chemical battery, energy storing unit is mostly high-end car battery. The brain behind the entire operations is the control unit, which also serves as the propulsion unit portal, most especially in the conversion of Alternate Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC). The job of the propulsion unit is simple and direct. It helps in converting the power into vehicular movement by acting as electric motor. It often shows similarities in function with the conventional motor but it is smaller in size compare to the regular ones you see around.

Also, despite the jobs of these three major parts of a typical electric car, it also varies in different models of electric powered vehicles.

For example, while some cars might mount it at the front, some manufacturers prefer to put it at the back. Besides, the number of electric motors in a car might differ depending on the automaker preference. Same thing goes with the controller unit too, which may vary in number depending on the model. Another key variation in many electric cars is the storage unit or storage components. Based on the car model, several storage units or battery cells that can be adopted including hydrogen fuel-acid, lead acid battery, lithium ion-battery among several other technologies or innovation in the automotive industry.

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Maintenance cost of an electric car is extremely low compared to other variants

One of the environmental challenges such as chaotic explosion and emission from the tape pipe are not present at all in electric cars. This is due to the ability of an electric car to power from the power station and executing it on the motion. That is why cars powered by electricity are often very quiet. They only need power stations where they can charge up and continue with their journey. Right in your home, you can set up a small charging unit by installing a wall socket and getting an affordable roof solar panel. This makes charging your car extremely cheap. Though it takes 6 hours using small charging unit, but at power stations, it only takes an hour to fully charge through its turbo charging units.

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Industries are now finding a way around making these cars very affordable. You will experience no noise, emission or even vibration. The only concern is the availability of power stations across the country since you will need to charge it once a while after about 70 miles, less or more depending on the car. It is very convenient to say that with time, people will get used to this and abandon the conventional gasoline engines.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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