Check out this wooden Ford Range Raptor carved out with working chassis


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A Youtuber has shared online his wooden creation where he carved out Ford Ranger Raptor with a functional chassis and other lookalike features.

We have witnessed gifted people doing a lot of wonder with just pieces of wood. While we might have seen some remarkable creations of similar materials in many places, we doubt if such has been seen in the automotive industry. This latest discovery is about to blow your mind. This story is a bit similar to one Nigerian man, who puts his creativity into good use by building trucks, tankers and more using tiny wires.


The builder carved out this impressive masterpiece from a large chunk of wood

Usually, the Ford Ranger Raptor pickup truck is known to be an impressive product from the American automaker, turning several heads of pickup enthusiasts all around the globe. If you love off-road monstrous trucks, there is no way you won’t fall in love with the Ford Ranger Raptor. It came as a little surprise when someone decided to go on a little adventure by creating the wooden version of the original Ford Ranger Raptor.


The liftgate on this wooden Ford pickup looks exactly like that of the original version

The Youtuber, however, amazed us with his detailing skill and the incorporation of operational chassis. He started by carving out the body of the truck using chisel and drill from a large piece of wood. He then proceeded to create the hood and the doors using the same tools to refine the front and rear fascias found on the real Raptor truck. The wood specialist also carved out Goodyear Wrangler tires from the wood for its wheels.

image-of-wooden-ford-ranger-raptor 1

The engine bay was also carved out of the wood, including the side steps and Goodyear tires

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Meanwhile, the builder shared a video on Youtube where he walked us through the various steps he used in creating this wooden masterpiece. Watch the video below:

Wood Carving - FORD RANGER RAPTOR 2020 - Woodworking Art

The wooden craftsman is known to have a reputation for using the similar method in creating outstanding mimic of original vehicles. Similarly, the wooden Raptor features working chassis with functional suspension and simplified steering system found on all his creations. Also on this wooden Ford pickup truck, there is an engine area carved out of wood, using chain and screws to form the working tailgate. The builder also made sure the work was complete with the side steps that are found on the original Ford Ranger Raptor.

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