[Video] Woman tries to fuel up electric Tesla with gasoline


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What is the funniest thing you have seen at a petrol station? Why don't you give our story a try and see if yours goes anywhere near ours! Check it below!

Women, the more beautiful half of the world, and also the more caring and loving. We would not dare to guess if one day they disappear from this planet earth, what would be happening? Even for half a day. They are the inspiration for countless poems and famous pieces of literature. If we can describe them using just one phrase, that would be "they make our life more worthwhile". 


Our life would be miserable with their wittiness, and of course, curves!

How the world would look like without their cuteness, elegance and spontaneity? It wouldn't be an optimistic scenario. Men are, to be honest, cold-hearted, rational and industrious, all of which constitute a boring individual. What are we supposed to do without them then, shake hands and get to work?  We need women in our life, period. They invigorate our life and sometimes entertain us in the most unexpected ways possible. An occasional kiss, a hug from the behind, a temporary forgetful moment, to name just a few. There are many ways a woman can surprise us, in this case in particular.


The guy decided to help the woman after giggling for some good minutes

This woman in our story chose a whole different approach, she decided to give everyone at a gas station a good laugh, by driving a brand new, fully electric Tesla vehicle into a petrol station.

In this video, the woman seemed confused. She went around the car several times, trying to put the nozzle in every hole she found, she even opened the car trunk to see if there's any gas cap inside. At one point, she even seemed to want to put it into the side light.

She finally gave up after several attempts and decided to call one of her friend, or maybe her husband (the one who bought her the car?). The two guys in the nearby car were giggling hysterically for a good 3 minutes before one of them decided it's time to break it to the woman. The guy in the passenger seat got out of the car and approached the woman. After exchanging some information, the woman seemed to understand the situation and was pretty appreciative. In the end, both had a good laugh.

You can watch the confused blond here

If you ask me, I would blame her boyfriend or at least the irresponsible salesman that did not explicitly explain to her how to charge an electric car. To be fair, her supposed "duty" is to drive the car, not to understand the technicality underneath, which is a man job!

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