Woman survives being pushed out of speeding one-chance bus


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A woman survives to tell the tale ay! She was thrown out of a moving bus after being picked up by "one-chance" operators. See how she got away!

Ifeoma Nwaoma’s name means “a good thing” and also “good child”, and it appears her parents were twice right in identifying her as a miracle child. That is because Ifoma has lived to narrate a sordid drama that many in the past did not live to tell.

Ifeoma was thrown out of a moving bus that was being used as the operation vehicle of the notorious Lagos car criminals infamously called “one-chance.”

According to Ifeoma, who recently came out of a coma in a Lagos hospital, her nightmarish encounter with the agents of darkness begun when she boarded a bus at Iyana Ipaja that already was carrying four men and an elderly woman.


Luckily Ifeoma lived to tell her story

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Immediately sensing that all was not right, she began to shout to be let out. In her own words:

“Drop me here, I shouted and shouted, but the driver increased his speed instead. A total number of five passengers were in the bus already, (fur men and one elderly woman). Shut up your mouth or we kill you here, they all echoed in agreement”

Ifeoma was then relieved of her valuables and thrown out of the speeding bus. She lost consciousness and was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital by on-lookers.


Screenshot of Ifeoma's post which is locked now

Ifeoma received medical attention and is recovering from both physical wounds as wel as psychological trauma. Recently the government of Ondo inaugurated a taskforce to battle car snatching in the state. It is expected that new Governor Sanwo-Olu’s aministration will do something similar for these nefarious elements in Lagos.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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