Woman miraculously survives car wreck by trailer in Benin


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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This can only be a miracle when a woman survives a crash that totally annihilated the car she was riding in. Check video of the one-off incident below!

Call it whatever you like but this can only be a miracle!

A young woman has miraculously survived a ghastly crash in Benin City after a trailer crushed the red car she was riding in.


Passersby trying to bring the woman out of the crushed car. It can only be a miracle!

The accident, as reported by Naijauto, happened along Ikpoba slope, 3rd East Circular Junction, Benin. The slope where the crash occurred was reported to be dangerous, scary and having no side railings.

Passersby were quick to get to the scene to rescue the occupants. The car was crushed beyond recognition that no one was expecting to see a survival. But miraculously, the young lady was spotted alive and brought out of the car. Other occupants were crushed in the crash.

Here's the video!

The trailer crushed the car beyond recognition

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 Many Nigerians who watched the video online took to the comment section of the post to express their joy over the lady's survival.

Check out their responses.

valcon888: In saner climes extreme caution would be taken to extract her from the mangled vehicle so as not to rupture vital organs. An ambulance would also be on ground to offer first aid, put her on a stretcher, and whisk her straight to the hospital.

Nonetheless, its a miracle she survived. Only God can help us in this country.

zicoraads: She's darn lucky. Damn!

kendumazy: Mheen! Happy for her. She should be taken to the hospital for any internal injury checks. Congratulations to her!

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