Woman in South Africa miraculously survives after truck crushes her car


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Everyone was left in awe as a woman miraculously survived after a massive truck landed right on the top of her car. The pictures will leave you speechless. Check them out!

What looked like a movie stunt played out in real life recently. A South African lady miraculously escaped death after a truck landed on her car, and she came out alive. The incident which many have described as “unbelievable” happened in Porth Elizabeth city in South Africa last Tuesday, November 26, 2019.


The weight of the truck on the car could have killed the lady but she survived!

The victim was fortunate to get prompt help, following the arrival of the national fire & rescue team. She was placed on life support prior to her transportation to the hospital.

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According to the Spokesperson of the Police, Capt. Sandra Janse van Rensburg, the truck driver had parked by the road to go pick his child from school. While away, the truck rolled onto the road, and collided with the lady’s vehicle which was in motion.

“When he returned to his truck, he noticed it was no longer parked where he had left it.

“He then noticed that the truck had rolled forward and collided with an Opel Adam that was travelling in Diaz Road, towards CJ Langenhoven Drive.”


Kudos to the rescue team for doing a good job!

Pictures of the incident show the car squeezed under the truck like a piece of paper. How she came out of the car alive remains a mystery. Indeed, she was very lucky.

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