See shocking video of a woman that does a split with each leg on separate cars


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Polish woman and winner of "Poland got talent" shares a new Instagram video where she can be seen doing a split while standing on the bonnet of two cars. See it!

Road transportation might be the conventional purpose of automobiles but not for some people. In this time and age, people spend more time exploring just about any idea that they can use a vehicle for. We recently found a viral Instagram video of a polish woman who kept one of her legs on a parked car and the other leg on the bonnet of a moving car while doing a split. It was a spectacular car stunt but at the same time, extremely dangerous.


Expert Polish woman wows Instagram users with video of herself doing a split with each leg on separate cars

Credit: flexyalexya/Instagram

The Polish woman who did this incredible car stunt goes by the name Aleksandra Kiedrowicz. She isn’t just any random Instagram user but instead, a one-time winner of Poland Got Talent show. That pretty much explains how she could have confidently pulled off such a dangerous car stunt without any fear and in a smooth manner. In the video, she positioned one foot on the trunk of a parked car while keeping another foot on the bonnet of a second that kept moving backward slowly till her split was complete.

This polish woman’s new car stunt video reminds us of an epic Volvo Trucks commercial that features Jean-Claude Van Damme splitting between 2 reversing trucks. That ad remains one of the best we have seen to this day.

Check out the Polish woman’s Instagram video below;


A post shared by Aleksandra Kiedrowicz (@flexyalexya) on

After watching the video many times, we cannot but appreciate just how flexible Aleksandra Kiedrowicz’s body has become. And it is obvious from her caption below the video that she is simply trying out new ideas and catching fun while doing so.

Disclaimer: Please do not try the stunt you see in the above video at home. It is highly risky and more dangerous than illustrated by the expert woman featured in the video.

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