Woman celebrates honest Nigerian mechanic who returned ₦60,000 change after initially billing her ₦80,000


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A Nigerian mechanic has been receiving lots of positive comments on social media after the woman shared how he returned ₦60,000 change to her.

Not many people in Nigeria of today get praised for having a good heart and doing good to others despite the high level of poverty ravaging the nation. This is the reason why a certain Nigerian woman took to Facebook to celebrate an honest roadside mechanic who returned a ₦60,000 excess change to her after initially billing her ₦80,000.


Woman celebrates Nigerian mechanic who returned ₦60,000 change to her for an initial ₦80,000 car repair bill

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The woman who shared this heart-touching story goes by the Facebook name, Mariam Ibrahim. She took to the platform to narrate how she was left in awe when a Nigerian mechanic initially billed her ₦80,000, which she paid, based on the faulty parts noticed in her car. Later however the same mechanic returned ₦60,000 as change after the repairs were done.

Read the heart touching story below as originally narrated by Mariam Ibrahim;

"Two days later when I went to pick my car, to my utter disbelief, this mechanic, Mr. Godwin Omaga Innocent whose workshop is situated on Ibrahim Taiwo /Abeokuta Road, Kaduna said the car is working perfectly and here is my change. He gave me N60,000. I said "what? and you say the car is okay?" He said " Yes Ma'am". He narrated how the Panteka man gave him 3 different parts but none worked satisfactorily. He then went to other places and got the components. As l write this piece, the car is working perfectly."

"When I expressed how shocked l was, he said Ma'am, WHAT IS NOT MINE, IS NOT MINE. Please friends, help me celebrate this exceptional Nigerian, a man of integrity, a God - fearing man and a beautiful example of honesty. The only thing that influenced his decision to return the money was his CONSCIENCE. Let this be a lesson to all, that what God has not given you is not yet yours. Give honour to whom honour is due. Thank you once more Mr Godwin Omaga Innocent."

Many Nigerians on Facebook, including Mariam, could not hide how impressed they are with the honesty and kindheartedness of this roadside mechanic called Godwin Omaga Innocent.

It is with no doubt that despite the high level of poverty in the country, people who manage to do good deeds like this should be highly celebrated as they remind everyone of true humanity.

Naijauto also joins other Nigerians to celebrate the mechanic (Godwin) for such kindness and honesty. Her's hoping other Nigerians, including political leaders, follow where Mr Godwin Omaga Innocent has led.

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