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Wizkid latest cars, houses, private jet & net worth comparison with Davido!

By Chris Odogwu
Publish on December 08, 2018

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Wizkid is among the richest musicians in Nigeria. Up to expectations as an international star, Wizkid cars is nowhere else to be found in the country. Check out his flamboyant lifestyle and decide who is the richest among Olamide, Davido and Wizkid!

1. Starboy: Who he is

Wizkid is one of Nigeria's biggest music stars, as well as the richest. With wealth and fame in equal measure, it's no wonder he lives a life only a few dare dream of. The young man enjoys a glamorous life of parties, girls, awards, cars, and mansions. Wizkid cars, houses and net worth have become as much a part of Naija pop culture as Zakky Adze's torchlight or Phyno's vandyke beard. See more of the life of this music star in this article brought to you by Naijauto.com.

2. Wizkid net worth 

Everybody agrees the starboy is rich. How rich though is the question? In 2018 and 2019, Forbes profiled Wizkid as the Richest Musician in Nigeria. He has an estimated net worth of $20 million, equivalent to around 7.2 billion.

Besides royalties and performances, the “Oluwa Lo Ni” sensation makes money as a record label executive. Having left E.M.E records, Wizkid founded his own record label called “Star Boy” records in 2013. 


The net worth of the young artist is up to $20 million

Wizkid also signed a mouth-watering deal with SONY entertainment. 

Endorsements are a major source of revenue for celebrities. Being a superstar with a huge following, Wizkid attracts the biggest brand endorsements.  Some of his biggest endorsements include:

  • Pepsi: ₦127 million for a 1-year contract on his 25th birthday
  • Glo: ₦120 million for a 2-year contract
  • Dolce & Gabbana: ₦7.2 million just for a catwalk in only 1 Milan show
  • Nike: ₦743 million for 5 years


Wizkid in a promotion campaign for Nike

3. Wizkid and Davido, who is richer?

Fans of celebrities compare their favorite celebrities with their counterparts. One person that Wizkid is constantly being compared to is Davido. Just like Wizkid, Davido is a popular Musician from Nigeria. Although he made his Debut long after Wizkid, Davido has been able to record huge success both locally and international. He also has a lot of money to match his fame. Who is richer, however?

3.1. Wizkid's and Davido's net worth

According to Forbes for 2019, Davido's net worth is $16m or ₦5.8 billion and we know from above that Wizkid is estimated at $20m or ₦7.2 billion.  

3.2. Is Wizkid richer than Davido?

Does the above mean that Wizkid is richer then? Not so fast, please.  

Davido has always been privileged; he’s from a wealthy background – a privilege Wizkid didn’t have. Critics claim that his success is a fruit of his father’s influence – a claim that he constantly refutes. From his early days in music, he has worked tirelessly, releasing hit after hit.

Like Wizkid, Davido is a record label executive who owns HKN music. He has exotic mansions in choice areas home and abroad, owns flashy cars and has many endorsements. A signee of SONY Entertainment, he has also won numerous awards and collaborated with many international Musicians. It’s somewhat difficult to tell who is richer since we can't totally discount Davido's family wealth. Are the 30 billion claims true? 

For now, though, why don't we go with Forbes and place Davido at a close second to Wizkid? 


Wizkid & Davido: Battle never ends (Photo source: Fortune photography)

4. Wizkid latest cars

Wizkid has a soft spot for cars. This is evident in the number and types of cars he flaunts on a regular basis. These cars were acquired brand new A.K.A tear rubber and run into millions of naira. Some of these you may not have heard of before. Check out all Wizkid cars and prices below:

4.1. Wizkid latest car - Lamborghini Urus

It's been a while since the artist updated his garage The last car we saw him unwrap is a Porsche Panamera in 2013. He bought this automobile just a few days after an accident with his old Porsche, which left it seriously damaged. However, this year, there'have been some posts about his newly acquired Lamborghini Urus. With his net worth, this rumor is totally believable and we have no reason to doubt it's real.


The Porsche Panamera was bought to replace the crashed one within 3 days

The Porsche car mentioned above is worth around ₦15 million, and it's not the most expensive car this musician owns, of course. The Lamborghini Urus which was reportedly purchased by Wizkid has an estimated cost of ₦101 million. Over 100 million Naira, I repeat.


The Lamborghini Urus matches with the musician's status 

4.2. Wizkid Rolls Royce

Wizkid did not buy a Rolls Royce contrary to some noise made a few years back. The RR brand that he posted then on his social media accounts belonged to a Pepsi brand manager. At the time Wizkid was on a tour with Tiwa Savage in Unilag.


The Rolls Royce luxury car does not belong to Wizkid, though he can totally afford one

4.4 BMW X6 crossover (₦12 million)


Wizkid is crazy about cars like the sleek BMWX6

4.5 Porsche Panamera - ₦50.8 million


This Porsche is a ₦50 million car toy

4.6 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible: ₦45- ₦50 million


Wizkid's luxurious Bentley

4.7 Brand new Lamborghini Urus - ₦100 million


This could be the most expensive car in Wizkid's garage

4.8 Porsche Cayenne: ₦18 million


The starboy does like his Porsche cars

4.9 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG (₦55 million – ₦65 million)

4.10 Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 2012: ₦9M


This Benz is actually one of the cheaper cars in Wizkid's fleet

4.11 Hyundai Sonata - ₦6 million


Wizkid won this in the 'Next Rated' music category at The Headies awards back in October 2011.

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5. Wizkid houses

Like many celebrities, Wizkid also owns houses. The "Halla at your boy" singer reportedly has three houses. 

5.1. Wizkid new house

There are many rumors around Wizkid's new house. Some say he has acquired a $16-million house in Banana Island after seeing his post on Instagram. It's understandable why people think so. How can our richest artist miss a place in the best spot of Nigeria? However, this rumor hasn't been confirmed yet.

An official new house of this man is a 3-storey mansion in Los Angeles, US, which reportedly costs between $10 million and $15 million. The building has cutting-edge devices and a luxuriant swimming pool. The artist apparently bought this in 2016.


The fascinating mansion of Wizkid in Los Angeles

5.2 Wizkid house in Lagos 

In 2013 when not so many Nigerian Musicians could afford a lavish lifestyle, the “Love My Baby” Singer flaunted his very first house which was located in Lekki - a highbrow area of Lagos. Many stories speculated that the house was in Banana Island, but it is really located in Lekki. This house is worth ₦68m.  



Wizkid relaxing in his Lagos house

Nigerians will always remember the infamous fight involving the Jaiye Jaiye chart-topper and celebrity Blogger Linda Ikeji in 2016. The latter made an unflattering post about a quit notice issued to Wizkid to evacuate his house. Wizkid wasn’t having any of it and lashed out heavily at Linda Ikeji using strong language. The incident which caused a lot of buzz online was eventually resolved by the then Police Commissioner of Lagos State.

Wizkid's Surulere house is worth ₦13m. He is also reported to have built a house for his parents.

5.3. Wizkid house in Los Angeles

Besides the two mansions in Nigeria, there have been rumors about the houses he acquired abroad over the years including the one in Los Angeles USA.

6. Wizkid private jet

Does Wizkid own a private jet? Reports online say Wizkid bought a private jet worth $40 million or ₦14,400,000,000. One thing is clear: The star has a long history with private jets, from early on in his career. This helps to keep up with his schedule. 


Private jets are now a celebrity status symbol in Nigeria

7. Wizkid biography 

Wizkid is one of the most popular musicians to come out of Nigeria. Born with a talent and passion for music, the ambitious chap started singing at the young age of 11. When most kids his age were most concerned about playing, Ayo was already recording music. His 1st album was a collaborative effort with a group (Glorious Five) to which he belonged in Church was released about that time.

The biography of Wizkid would be incomplete without a mention of E.M.E (Empire Mates Entertainment), the record label where he started his mainstream musical career. Wizkid was one of the first acts signed under the then-popular record label co-owned by fellow Musician Banky W. Shortly after getting on the label, Wizkid released a single “Holla at Your Boy” a track off his solo album which was unveiled in the market the following year 2011. The song was widely received – enjoying massive airplay across the country. Without a doubt, Holla at Your Boy was the song that brought the Ojuelegba crooner to the limelight.

7.1. How old is Wizkid? 

Wizkid is 29 years old.

7.2. Wizkid birthday

Wizkid was born on July 16. He was christened Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.

7.3. Wizkid height 

Wizkid is 5 ft 4 in tall.

7.4. Wizkid hometown

Wizkid is from Ogun state in Nigeria but was born in Surulere, Lagos.

7.5. Wizkid album

Wizkid has 3 albums and also a compilation album. He also has 50 singles.

7.6. Wizkid image

Wizkid has cultivated the image of a funloving, wealthy flyboy.


Pursuing his dream since 11, Wizkid  now stands with international stars like Drake

In no time, Wizkid became a household name, headlining the biggest shows in the country. His fame began to spread across the African continent like wildfire. And just when people thought it couldn’t get better, he became an international sensation.

Wizkid was already making waves as an indigenous artist long before he started collaborating with Western artists. He was indeed an international star in his own right with his song being played by people of diverse races all over the world. However, his career dived into unchartered territories when he was featured by Canadian rapper Drake on the immensely popular song “One Dance.”

Following the release of One Dance, Wizkid was further exposed to the international market. His fanbase increased as people in many other countries got to know about him. “One Dance” received won several international awards, making Wizkid a recipient of coveted awards that most African Musicians dream of.

Let's spare 3 minutes listening to his music! Come closer - Ft Drake.


The celebrity life is one of glitz and glamor. Stars like Wizkid are adored for their entertainment value. Wizkid cars, houses and net worth give his fans all over the world more reasons to admire him as a role model. And in comparison with other famous musicians like Olamide or Davido, Wizkid stills secures his top rank in the wealth chart!

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Chris Odogwu is a Content Writer and Journalist. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from University of Jos and a master's degree in Mass Communication from University of Lagos. His works have been published in top local and international publications including Forbes, HuffPost, ThriveGlobal, TheNextScoop and Nigeria360 among others. A member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), the thrill he gets from writing about exotic cars feels almost the same as riding in them.