Now you can charge your phone anywhere in the car with this latest car tech


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The Yank Technologies has introduced a new car wireless technology capable of charging as many phones as possible in a car. See how!

As each day passes, we are wrapping our heads around the reality that the future of possibilities has already come upon us. What we could never have imagined years back, are fast becoming part of our daily lives. One of such masterpieces is this new car tech which offers you the chance to get your mobile phone charged wirelessly anywhere in the car.


The new in-car wireless charging technology has finally become a reality courtesy of Yank Technologies

With this new car tech, the pain of littering the car with charging cables or waiting to get your phone charged has finally come to an end. Now people can effortlessly charge as many phones as possible during a long trip.

The new technology, courtesy of Yank Technologies, was introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held recently in Las Vegas, giving an insight of what lies ahead with in-car wireless charging. The Yank’s new innovation offers more versatility over the Qi wireless charging pad present in many current cars.

The new technology focuses on advanced amplifier developments and 3-dimensional antenna arrays, allowing the occupants to charge their devices anywhere in the interior. There is no more need for a charging pad to phone contact since it is wireless.

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Occupants, regardless of their number, will be able to charge their mobile devices during a long trip in the car

Most importantly, for this new car technology to work, your phone must come fitted with wireless capability feature to charge. Although many phones are still made without this feature, it will soon become a thing of the past since most phone manufacturers are gravitating towards that direction.

The company assures people of the safety precaution taken into consideration for those that will be using this technology. According to them, the in-car charging system will only emit 0,06 watts for every kilogram of radio-wave radiation, which has been measured by the Federal Communications Commission. On the other hand, when you place a phone to your ear, its emission ranges from 1.1 to 1.5 watts for every kilogram. From what we gathered, this new system features a charging power of 30 watts.

This is quite a remarkable technology and will help the car industry in such a big way.

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