Will Smith's car collection: What the most powerful actor in Hollywood is riding


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Will Smith has a big charming personality everybody onset and offset, which influences his choice of automobiles. Click here to see his amazing car collection!

A man that does no wrong – Will Smith popularly called the ‘Fresh Prince’ is a name that has become global brand. From rap world to the big screen, his path to fame isn’t anything but amiable and really enviable.

Fresh Prince isn’t about good looks, charming nature or his sense of humour; he is stylish and obviously knows how to pick the best cars out there. Here on Naijauto are the amazing Will Smith's car collection. But before that, let's answer some basic question about this prince!

1. Will Smith most frequently asked questions

  • How old is Will Smith?

Will Smith, full name as Williard Carroll Smith Jr is 50 years old. He will turn 51 this September.

Will Smith was born on 25th September in 1968, used to be labbed "the most powerful actor in Hollywood" in 2007 by Newsweek. This American actor and rapper has won 5 Golden Globe Awards, 4 Grammy Awards and 2 Academy Awards.

  • How much is Will Smith net worth?

Being one of the highest paid actors worldwide, Will Smith net worth in 2019 is estimated at $300 million, equivalent to around 108.7 billion naira.


Will Smith's family in a recent event

  • How many wives and children do Will Smith have?

Will Smith first wife is Sheree Zampino. He got married in 1992 and gave birth to Willard Smith III. Their marriage ended in 1995.

Will Smith second marriage is with Jada Pinkett. The couple has been together since 1997. Their two children are Jaden Christopher Syre Smith and Willow Camille Reign Smith.

2. Will Smith car collection

That's enough for The Fresh Prince surrounding stuff. Now we come to some of automobiles in Will Smith car collection that will definitely wow you, collected by Naijauto.com!


Many Will Smith cars have been featured in his movies

  • Will Smith Rolls-Royce (~N129.6 million)

Rolls-Royce is unarguably one of the most sought after luxury brands in the world, and it will sound a bit strange if the Fresh Prince himself doesn’t get his hands on one of those. The brand has a strong reputation for royalty and performance, especially when you take a look at its cabin design. On several occasions, Will Smith or his wife has been spotted in this car apart or even together by Paparazzi. Well, we cannot also deny Jada love for luxury too.


The all-black Rolls-Royce owned by Will Smith has been seen many times with his wife, Jada 

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  • Will Smith Maybach 57S (~N166.3 million)

Previously produced by Daimler-Chrysler, it is now being manufactured solely by Daimler AG. In 2002, it went into full production and stopped in 2012. Despite running for 10 years, only three thousand examples were manufactured. Looks like Will Smith is a proud owner of one of those examples produced. This car may look plain or simple to many, but it doesn’t come cheap in any way.

  • Will Smith 1965 Ford Mustang (~N158.6 million)

Will Smith is a big fan of classic cars and he is always ready to splash some cash on getting few ones for himself. The 1965 Mustang is one of such classic models in his garage. This classic car by Ford is simply gorgeous and we now know why it is greatly adorned by him as a reflection of his life and epic career.


The classic 1965 Ford Mustang often reminds Smith of his journey to fame and reflection of life

  • Will Smith Porsche cars (~N26.4 million - N74 million)

No one knows exactly how many Porsche cars Will Smith is owning. And not only him but his daughter are sometimes caught driving a luxury Porsche as well.


Sometimes people see Will Smith riding his blue Porsche down town (Source: Mega)


Another Porsche his daughter probably borrowed from his garage

  • Will Smith Mercedes GL 450 (~N31.8 million)

As a family man, it is not in any way strange to get his hand on car that promises luxury and space, especially for family vacations. The inclusion of this SUV is an attempt to give his family the comfort they deserve.

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  • Will Smith Cadillac Escalade ESV (~N45.5 million)

Now we can say Will loves SUV and he has money to buy as many as possible. The Escalade ESV in particular is a household brand in the world of rap. The rap community adores this brand as they always acquire one for personal use. The beautiful and beast-like Cadillac Escalade ESV is one of the big boys you will find in his collection.


The Cadillac Escalade ESV is that luxury car in his collection that takes him all the way back to his rap root

  • Will Smith Ford Taurus (~N11 million)

If there is one thing that is quite certain; Will Smith is quite humble and his personality is charming. No wonder everyone loves the Fresh Prince. Smith has a regular car he drives at times. Who could have thought Will Smith just drove by their street in this Ford Taurus? This car is a perfect cover for Will and his family. Don’t forget Will isn’t the only popular one in the family. So, they need all the privacy they could get.


The Fresh Prince himself needs quiet and private time to himself and family - The Ford Taurus is a perfect cover

  • Will SMith BMW I8 (~N53.8 million)

This model is what we call the ‘Bad Boy’ in his collection. BMW I8 is an evidence that Will Smith might seem simple especially having few regular cars in is collection, but he sure has an eye for exotic cars. The BMW I8 competes favourably with similar luxury brands such as Maserati, Mercedes and even Lamborghini.

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Will Smith house is another thing you can't miss

  • Will Smith Bentley Azure (~N45.1 million)

How will an amazing car collection feel complete without having a Bentley model in your garage? The Bentley sure doesn’t come cheap and will doesn’t feel any reluctance to have one in his garage.


The Bentley Azure best explains Will's personality traits - classy, humble and charming

  • Will Smith mobile mansion (~N906 million)

Sometimes you feel like driving and still take home with you. This ride promises that. Will Smith like every other loving family man out there, misses his family most times and he would like to have them with him, especially when he goes on a long business trip. The model comes with 16 wheels enough to handle any kind of household activity. You can have dinner with family and do some other house chores while on the road.

Will Smith can travel in this beautiful mobile home for months with his family.

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With this infamous mobile mansion, Will Smith no longer need to worry about leaving his family behind while touring

3. Conclusion

So, what do you think of Will Smith's car collection? Does it deserve to be the garage of the most powerful actor in Hollywood?

Well, no matter what you might think, there's no need to comment on Will Smith's talent and properties. He is surely the most gifted and favored actor in the world, let alone in Nigeria.

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