Heartbreaking reasons why young Nigerians become Yahoo boys just to buy big expensive cars


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In this article, we will analyze the underlying reasons why most young Nigerians choose to become Yahoo Yahoo just to buy flashy cars.


The craze for fast and easy money is so strong these days that millions of unemployed youths can do just anything to make ends meet and this includes internet fraud.

The whole idea of the advanced fee fraud began way back, sometimes after our independence when the Nigerian economy hit the rock plunging millions into joblessness and poverty.

The result was a spike in crimes and this included postal fraud, the grandmaster that evolved to what we have today. The postal fraud relied on letter communication to defraud unsuspecting targets by requesting advance fees in exchange for future gratification.

But with the advent of the internet and cyber cafes, the focus shifted away from letters to Emails specifically the Yahoo Mail, as this allowed access to millions of people within a shorter time frame and with a higher level of anonymity.

In the early 90s, the average age of perpetrators of this kind of crime was somewhere around 40 years, but these days, the average age is less than 20.

Showing how many young persons have gotten involved in this get the rich quick scheme. So let's now explore the reasons why young Nigerians become Yahoo boys for easy wealth just to buy flashy and expensive cars.  


Show them you've arrived, starting with a supercar. Yahoo Boys Anthem

Reasons why young Nigerians become Yahoo boys just to buy big expensive cars

Poverty and Family Background

A good number of young people that engage in Yahoo Yahoo do this as a result of their poverty-stricken family background considering that over 100 million Nigerians live in poverty.

In fact, it has been reported that some parents actually introduce their children to established Yahoo boys to get trained in the Act, just like it happens when you take a child to learn a trade as an apprentice. I mean Yahoo Yahoo Apprentice. LOL.

These people are so poor that they can barely afford to manage one single meal in a day and would sometimes go hungry for days. So any means that will guarantee at least one meal per day is chased after with a fury. The people have completely lost faith in their government, who have shown time without number that they are on their own. So they feel no remorse in pushing their children into the life of crime.

When these young ones start seeing the money they make from this, they don't ever want their family to experience poverty ever again and would continue in that crime, making sure to use their flashy cars to oppress those who looked down on them in their time of want and poverty.


When you are this poor, anything might just go

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Peer pressure

This is by far the most potent force that drives these young people to Yahoo Yahoo. No human is an island, we all have friends and acquaintances whom we meet and associate with regularly. The level of influence our circle of friends and peers can have on us is something that cannot be taken lightly, especially for the younger and inexperienced ones.

Naturally, young people have a strong desire to imitate their friends and it gets worse when such friends live a showy and extravagantly expensive lifestyle. Unfortunately, they are drawn to such friends and will also want to be able to have the expensive and flashy cars, the alluring clothes, and many more. This alone is enough force that can pull virtually any kid down into any path.

This situation is further compounded by their peers who would always persuade them to come to join in their illicit activity. Before long, a new member of the Yahoo clan is born.


Did you notice that they are all of the same peer group, age-wise

Despite the influence and pressure that could be mounted on these young ones by their peers, the final decision on whether to join them with their fraudulent activities lies on the shoulders of these young ones. That's why parents, guardians, and mature members of the society must do their part is educating and guiding these gullible young people away from this crime.

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Unemployment is one of the major reasons that has pushed lots and lots of young people into many atrocious activities. Based on the government's response to this problem, it is safe to say that they have belittled the negative impact of unemployment on youths, with over 21 million people (majorly youths) walking around jobless.

Nigeria is sadly becoming a country filled with unemployed graduates. When these find out that their peers are doing extremely well in the Cybercrime industry, living flamboyant lives, and driving in flashy vehicles, they are forced to rethink their strategy and may even join the trend.

The underlying consequences of unemployment are devastating ranging from poverty, hostility, psychological issues, insecurity, etc, and Nigerian youths are too idealistic and adventurous to sit and watch these consequences eat them up, they would rather give attention to the Cybercrime business.


Unemployed and unengaged youths every way

Many of these youths had higher aspirations and goals during their school days, goals that could have increased the resourcefulness and productivity of the nation. The youthful stage is a point where many psychological and behavioral instincts set-in, so when these youths see their goals being tainted as a result of unemployment, these youthful instincts push them to find ways of erasing these taints, sadly Cybercrime is an option some fall into.

Over the years the federal government has come up with strategies that are supposed to tackle youth unemployment, but many if not all of the strategies have fallen short of expectations, the outrageous increase of unemployed graduates is a testament to this.


The above reasons are not to justify their getting involved in crime too, but they are some of the reasons some repentant internet fraudsters have given for going into this illicit activity. Crime is Crime, no matter which reasons you give for it. There are still several economically disadvantaged kids who still make an honest living complete away from crime.

But before we go, have a look at this video of the arrest of alleged internet fraudster Hushpuppi who is currently cooling off in a US jail and people should all know that no reasons should be given for why young Nigerians become Yahoo boys:

Dubai Police Finally Releases Hushpuppi's Arrest Video

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