Study confirms over 50% of cars produced are either black or white. See why!


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With the overwhelming presence of vehicles painted in black or white, statistics have proven over 50% of car manufactured are in either of these two colours.

You keep asking yourself this question: why are there so many black and white cars on the roads as compared to other available colours? Good news is: you are not the only one with this thought.

Statistics is definitely on your side at least for once. Hundreds of thousands of cars which roam our streets are painted in either black or white. Sometimes, at the point of buying a car, we might have a different colour in mind but end up buying either of the two strikingly famous colours.


White colour according to the study is mostly used on vehicles

To answer your question, we will take a quick look into the recent publication from the BASF data. According to their report, four colours were mainly considered in the production line including white (39%), black (16%), grey (13%) and silver (10%).

From this, we could come in terms with the overwhelming presence of cars in white colour. Despite the preference for different kinds of colour, modern-day car owners cannot avoid the use of black tyres on their vehicles.


With the advent of different shades of colour, black has ceased to be a boring colour on vehicles

We believe relevance is one factor that carmakers consider before applying colours on their auto products. Colours like white, black, grey and silver are known to be matching colours and they stay in vogue for as long as possible.

We might have seen fascinating colour choices aside from these popular colours, but they hardly stay in fashion for that long. Another factor why White and these three other colours are smart choices is their effect on the resale value of the vehicles. Some colours might actually dampen the resale value of your car when you intend to sell in the future.

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There have been situations where people regard white and black as boring colours. It is safe to say it is very convenient for car manufacturers to apply these colours on their products before rolling them out from their production plants. The truth is; it makes a lot of business senses to use a colour that will appeal to most customers.


The blue colour is mostly identified with electric vehicles according to psychology

Not surprisingly, blue is a much-preferred colour for those who are interested in buying electric-powered vehicles. This choice of colour could be attributed to the application of blue colour on the first batches of electric vehicles manufactured.

Due to the advent of advanced technology, we now have different shades of many colours. For examples, a typical colour like blue or red might have different shades, hereby making those vehicles more appealing.

We have colours such as obsidian metallic black and magnetite black metallic applied on the Mercedes S-Class, and also the ivory white tri-coat paint job on the Ram 1500 pickup truck. These new shades would change the perception that white and black colours are popular but boring colours.

Some people can really go over-the-top when it comes to the type of colour they use on vehicles. Check out the insane car colours in the video below:

Many people believe that the colour of your vehicle says a lot about your personality and ideology as well. While many reports have analyzed such theory, we might also agree with those who feel the colour of your car might affect the extent to which fuel is being consumed.

Which car colour will you go for if you are buying your next car?

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